Wednesday, August 13, 2008

Busy, busy, busy...

Have you ever noticed that even if you are not busy, you feel busy if you don't actually make it to your home and your bad - well, it's true for us for the last week and a half! We have been house sitting nonstop since August 1 and while both houses have been awesome (mini vacations in and of themselves) Adam and I are both very much ready to go home and sleep in our own bed!

The first place we house sat for had a brand new puppy and two older dogs. The older dogs figured out that if they got up on the sofa with Adam that the puppy could not get up there and bother them - here's Adam on the sofa with Johnny who seemed rather distraught.
The next house we have been at is the "Chateau De Paix" in Lake Elsinore. It was our first stay at the inn and there were many lovely features to be enjoyed. My personal favorites were the view and the awesome bathroom!
But the Chateau De Paix does have one other item of cuteness, here she is playing with Adam and then us taking her on her evening walk/bathroom trip before bed time.

Last Friday, we went to Jeff and Katy's wedding - it was lovely!

I loved my gift wrapping job - so Adam took a picture of me with the box - I know, kind of lame, but I was really proud, and being that this piece of art is to give away, I needed to remember it!

Then Saturday, Adam and I went to hang out with my family in Carlsbad for the afternoon and after lunch here is where we ended up "watching" the Olympics- Casey wanted to go to the beach - oh well.

So, we are going home today - YAY!!! But we are not done with the craziness - we are moving in a week and a half - so we must pack - lots and lots of boxes. Please pray for our sanity!

Also, today is Adam's first day of teaching at Cornerstone - we will see how it went when he gets home today!

Saturday, August 2, 2008

Coming Soon...