Wednesday, November 30, 2011

I feel it!

Really, I do, I feel Christmas and it makes my heart happy!

Our tree is up and decorated and beautiful!
 And a few other things are out too ...

It's just nice and cozy in here right now!
Life is good :)

Monday, November 28, 2011

'Twas the Night Before ....

... Thanksgiving and all thru the house every creature was hungry, longing for Yard House!

Yep... it's the truth ... and so off we went to our local Yard House to fulfill our newly established and super tasty, tradition!

You see, last year, after spending the day together, Adam, Mary Beth, Bennett and I all went to The Yard House for a dinner made up entirely of the half price happy hour menu ... it was fabulous!

So, not wanting to break "tradition" we did the same thing again.
And again, we so enjoyed ourselves.
Bennett got a water AND a milk. He was a happy man despite his face in the below picture.

Traditions make my heart smile!

Friday, November 25, 2011

Thanksgiving 2011

Thanksgiving was nice this year.

I mean not that it isn't usually, but for some reason {let's just be honest, it was probably my own attitude being in check and had nothing to do with anyone else} this year just seemed really sweet and wonderful and refreshing.
No stress at all!
Gotta love that!

Ready for some food! 

Could he be any sweeter at this moment? 
My dad perfectly cutting one of his perfectly cooked turkeys. 

Daddy love
Puzzles with Grandma
The Elwer men are ready to eat! 
Our Thanksgiving group was a good looking bunch! 
Passed out reading with Grandma while the rest of us watched Elf and ate dessert! 
So, bummer that there was no Thanksgiving baby but really I'm happy about it because i had such a nice and relaxing day which is the exact opposite of giving birth!
But now I'm ready, the baby can come any time!
{Hopefully closer to now rather than in the end of December!} 

Wednesday, November 23, 2011


So my mom's birthday is tomorrow ... yes, it happens to be on Thanksgiving this year, so... if your birthday is on Thanksgiving you are kind of locked into what you do and what you eat and where you go. Thus last thursday {one week early} my mom picked going to Disneyland for her birthday and Bennett and I got to go too!
{gotta love it when Mom pays for you to do something for her birthday!} 
We had such a great time going to "Mickey's house" {as Bennett called it} and celebrating "Grammy"! 
Not so sure about the giant talking Buzz .... but he loved shooting Zurg! 

He was so excited to be driving! 

This was my ride for the day ... yep, I'm that pregnant!
{But really it was great to have. There is no way I would have made it thru a 12 hour day without it!}

He really liked Small World too! I think he was a little overwhelmed at first, but he continued to talk about it for the rest of the day! 

Making friends with the girl who was throwing sweet potato fries to the ducks
He has no idea what is coming ... he hasn't actually seen Pooh yet at this point! 
The Big Meeting! 
Truly the highlight of the whole day! 
He couldn't even look away for a picture! He was just so happy to be with his friend! 
Once he was back in the stroller he was ready to map out his next move .... ToonTown! 
It was about a 45 minute wait to get this picture ... good thing it's pretty cute! 

On our way to the other park for Bug's Life and Disney Junior and Brother Bear, Bennett curled himself up in a ball and just passed out! Seriously, he was down for the count! So the rest of us had a great time sitting and eating soft pretzels with cheese sauce and mochas and cookie ice cream sandwiches ... it was a great nap time!

Once we finally found a place to watch the parade we had some time to kill ... so what better time killer is there than Popcorn?!

Bennett said "Mom, two Mickies!" ha ha! Opps, I guess we never really talk about Minnie that often! 

Believe it or not, the Dumbo line was still ridiculously long at 7pm so this was Bennett's entire Dumbo experience ...
{I mean, let's be honest, it's not like he has even seen the movie ... he just thought it was cool that there was an elephant for him to sit on!}

Last ride of the day and he was so happy to go on the "Casey Train"!
He specifically picked out the Monkey car ... which was not easy to get into! 
 And to finish it all off we caught the fireworks as we were heading to the parking garage ...

This was such a fun day! 
Thanks Mom for including Bennett and I in your birthday fun! 
Happy Birthday tomorrow!