Friday, June 8, 2012

Family Visit

We had family come out from Texas back in March ... kind of when I stopped blogging ... hey I got busy and was taking tons of pictures and well ... I got bogged down, don't hate.

We hadn't had the whole family toether in almost 5 years (last time was at our wedding) so this was such a fun visit! No one had ever met John-Paul of course, but they had also never met Bennett either! Bennett took to his cousin's right away which was good because virtually the first thing we did when they got here was go and take family pictures at the mall! It was an "adventure" but the end result was FANTASTIC!

After pictures we had dinner at the mall and just played around in a few stores having a great time! 

Once home that night, there was a serious Nerf War! Perfect for family bonding!

After a full day at Disneyland (that our little part of the family did not participate in) Adam was able to get a couple days off work and we had a great time spending the day in San Diego!

No trip to downtown is complete without a trip to Sea Port Village and the UpStart Crow for a latte!
(Brother and sister love!) 

Next we headed to the World Famous San Diego Zoo and went straight for the bus tour where we used our "mobile command center" (aka Bob Duallie) as a mobile sandwich station ... it was actually totally rad and worked perfectly! 
John-Paul's first bus ride! 

After the bus we just spent the rest of the afternoon wondering aimlessly and having a great time laughing and enjoying each other ... as well as enjoying giant ice cream cones! 
Everything is always better with ice cream! :) 

We went to the always fabulous El Indio for dinner and Bennett fell sound asleep ... right on Adam's taco eating arm - Ha ha!

Once home for the evening, there had to be a Dr. Mario tournament ...
(a family tradition I really enjoy now that I have had some time/years to practice)
 ...  but there was also lots of baby playing, which was soon followed by, yet again...
 ... another Nerf War! (I think Uncle Adam was a bit of an instigator!)

The last day they were in town we took the fam to Richie's Diner for a late breakfast/ early lunch and continued to have a great time!

And just before they had to leave Bennett (and lets be honest ... everyone else too) was have a great time eating taffy! Always good to load up on sugar before a long trip! ha ha! 

So even though it took me about 3 months to get around to blogging about it - we really did have the best time and are soooooo soooooo glad we were able to spend an excellent 4 days together! Hopefully next time we will be able to make it out to Texas!
(and then probably Arkansas ... but I don't want to talk about that right now)

Monday, June 4, 2012

Epic Battle

I can't even begin to tell you how much I love these pictures!
It makes my heart happy that my boys have such fun people to play with and make memories with!

And the little brother wins! 
I'm sure that made Brian a little extra happy as he grew up with older (and totally awesome) siblings too!