Saturday, May 26, 2012

3, 4, 5 ....

and just like that, I suddenly have a 5 month old who's sitting and talking up a storm and just the happiest little thing that can be!

But first we re-cap month 3 and 4 that got skipped due to having a 3 or 4 month old!

3 Months: 
 This was the month that he started liking his toys and crying when he dropped one!
This was also the month that we figured out how to help him not cry from 6 pm to 11 pm every night! Mommy stopped eating eggs and he stopped crying! It was pretty much a miracle!
 He slept from 10 pm to 6am twice this month ... it didn't stick of course!
 He started rolling onto his side from his back to reach for toys
Not into tummy time at all ... can you see the stress in his face here? 

Month 4: 

 This boy's personality can alive this month! He's totally a people person! Always wants some one to talk to!
 Still haven't rolled over completely but the dr. said that's normal for big babies because they have a whole lot more weight to get moving!
 He's 20 pounds and 27 inches this month!
 Really enjoys sitting up on mommy's lap and is much, much happier when on his tummy!
 He started sucking his thumb this month - it's adorable! He wraps his fingers around his nose and goes to town sucking on his thumb!

5 Months:
 This month his personality has continued to blossom and he has actually become quite the ladies man! (He now has a number of little girls who love to kiss him and could care less about Bennett!)
 Mr. Big Stuff still hasn't rolled over - well he did once, but it was an accident and he scared himself to death and hasn't done it again in the last two weeks!
John-Paul is however, all about putting his toes in his mouth and sitting up and "inch-worming" his way around his bed and the floor. He is also wearing 9 and 12 month clothes (depending on clothing brands and if he has a cloth or paper diaper on).
Despite what you may think from these pictures, he is actually the happiest when naked, and makes no attempt to hide his laughter durring diaper changes and showers!
 Due to his extreme "girth" John-Paul is no longer in his infant bucket carseat. He officially moved up into Bennett's old carseat on the 5th of May when we got our "new-to-us" Honda Odyssey!
 This last week he starting making the "Da-da-da" sound! It's very cute and he's very proud of himself and of course Daddy is loving it!!
 Lastly, I'm pretty sure teething is in full swing ... as is brotherly bonding and mimicking!

We love you John-Paul, Mr. Squishy-Tushy! 
If you missed month 1 or month 2 be sure to check out the cuteness! 

Saturday, May 12, 2012


We went with a "sweater vest" esthetic this year!
{notice Bennett's shirt didn't even make it into the building tucked in ... oh well, such is a 3 year old boy - right?!} 

Lunch out with Grandma ... silly boys!

Bennett got a fun Easter basket from Grandma! How can you beat Chuggington, Pooh Bear and Hot Wheel cars?! So perfect!

After everyone had a nap, we headed over to Grammy and Papa's for Easter part 2!

Bennett's Easter basket was a dump truck that was promptly emptied of all it's contents to be played with.

John-Paul's basket was filled with ducks and toys and the sweetest little lamb!

 Auntie Brittany was more than happy to play with John-Paul's new toys with him!

Dinner was outside.

As was the egg hunt.

And this last picture ... well, I can't stop laughing every time I look at it so I just wanted everyone else to see it too!
Seriously ... what is he thinking? His face is so funny!

Anyways, that was a bit of our Easter... but of course the most important part of Easter you can't take a picture of because the tomb is empty... He's not there!

Thank you Jesus for loving us so much that you became our Passover lamb!

Wednesday, May 9, 2012

Bennett's 3rd Birthday {Part 3}

So this was a super long time ago but I still wanted to blog it 'cause it was so much fun!

This party has been in the works for well over a year since we were invited to one last year and realized just how good of a deal it was and how easy it was! Sky High Party Zone is rad and I would totally recommend it to anyone wanting a great party for not a lot of money!

Showing me his best buds while his hair was still combed just before leaving for the party!

While waiting to go into the main room there was some Kung Fu Panda action going on!

His BFF "Liese"

Once inside there was so much to play with!

The giant slide was very, very popular!

I loved seeing the battles going on!
Parents vs. Kids and even Husband vs. Wife!

Lots of Bennett's friends are getting new brothers and sisters just like he recently did ... so there was also plenty of cuddling to be had in between jumping and playing!

After our hour of play time (more than enough time if you ask me!) we all put our shoes back on, took our squirt of hand sanitizer and headed into the party room! 

We sang.

He tried to blow out the candles.

He tried again while flying like Buzz Lightyear.

Everyone ate whole-wheat carrot cake "cupcakes"

There were awesome presents

Bennett handed out goody bags and we all headed to the car.

And so an hour and half after it started ... that was it ... Bennett's 3rd birthday had officially come to an end! 

That was until he invited his Grammy over to play with is new toys and then found some more friends to play with at our house... ha ha! This birthday is never going to end!

Okay, it's really over, I promise ... Bennett's 3rd birthday was a full month of fun ... just like every birthday should be!

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