Friday, March 14, 2008

Our last week or so...

First off, Sarah's long time friend from High School (and middle school actually), Ben Kane, came over with his family for dinner last week and after dinner we had a lovely time watching the girls do gymnastics

Last Saturday, Adam and I helped Katie and Tom move into their amazing and fabulous new apartment in Long Beach!

Here's Katie sitting in front of the new built in china cabinet.
This was Adam's project to unpack - and yes, that is granite!

This was my favorite part of the apartment!
A built in vanity in the second bedroom/Tom's office/future baby room.

The power went out two times - which was a bummer - so we got candles out while the boys were outside trying to figure out the problem. We started to take pictures and this was the one we took right as the power came on that's why we are so excited! (And well, Katie is also excited because she has the Holy Spirit - hence the flame above her head!)

Due to the lack of a kitchen table at the moment and the fact that I am the perfect hight for it, I decided to be a candelabra!

Below is a picture of what Adam was working on this week - click here to get the full story from his blog!

This last week we have been house sitting for the Tucker's (a family from our church) and everything has been good there - except Adam kind of forgot a vital skill - how to put on a zip-up sweatshirt. Below is a picture of Adam the day he got his "Pirate" sweatshirt from Pismo Beach, CA and all was well:

And now just yesterday, the poor boy tried to put it on and this was the out come!

Monday, March 3, 2008

Ahoy, I Sail!

For those of you who are reading this and have known me (Sarah) for some time now, know that I love the movie "What about Bob?" and this weekend I lived out one of my favorite scenes from the movie! When my friend Katie asked if I wanted to go sailing I must say, I did feel a little like Bob, but I decided that the "craft was sea worthy" and went anyway! Fortunately for the whole group, while I was nervous, it was not necessary to tie me to the mast like Bob!

As Adam wrote in the blog below, this was our first weekend away from each other but I was well taken care of and had a really fun group to hang out with while he was at Man Camp. Tim Zanin (Katie's dad) was the captain of the craft (named the "T L Sea") and the crew this weekend was me, Katie, Tom, Becky and Beth. (I didn't know Beth before this weekend but she was great fun and kicked all our butts during our games of Quiddler!)

Friday night we spent the night in the harbor right below this sign:
Here's the girls before we took off in the morning (Becky, Beth, Me and then Katie up front):

Tom up front as we motored out of the Harbor:
We were lucky enough to happen upon some friends as they practiced for tryouts for Sea World:
Katie and I out on the ocean, we were a little cold!

Beth and Becky playing Quiddler (a Mensa approved version of scrabble with cards) after we returned to the harbor:

This was a very fun little outing, that will hopefully be repeated very soon so that Adam can come too - he was a little jealous that I got to go sailing and he didn't!

Man Camp

So this weekend marked a new point in my wife and I's relationship: we spent our first nights away from each other. I went to Man Camp (also known as Men's Retreat) It was a good weekend, this guy Larry Walkemeyer used the theme of Gideon's 300 as interpreted through the art work of the movie 300. In fact the promotional videos done by Buzzy Enniss were hilariously funny and can be found at

The subject points were pretty good, but I'm not used to the more motivational style of teaching (he hollered a lot) and the physical responses (such as burning cards with our idols on it or writing on our hands the names of our allies). I had a good time with Ryan and Justin and also seeing all the guys from the other churches I know from the youth camps I've been to in the past. We even got in a few games of Dodge Ball. Below are the only pictures I took from the weekend.

If you want to read about what I learned/ experienced over the weekend, you can go read my other blog. :)