Monday, December 26, 2011

Merry and Bright

Our Christmas was good. 
Lots of family, food and fun.
What more could you ask for? 
{Well, besides a baby ... but it will be here soon enough!}

Wednesday, December 21, 2011

41 Weeks Pregnant!

I never thought I would make it this far again ... but apparently I am a crock pot and not a microwave when it comes to making babies!

I made this last week in a hopes that I would not have the chance to add a 41 week picture ...

But now I guess I need to add this one {from this morning} too!

Things are good ... my sleep is not great, but really it's not horrible either! Adam and Bennett and I are keeping busy. Bennett found a gift our friends brought for the baby and while we were all out in the living room talking and eating and celebrating the first night of Hanukkah together, he was in our room having a great time too! ha ha! Silly boy!

And then there is Adam ... it's sooooo wonderful to have him home for these last few days before the baby comes! We are getting projects done and just enjoying each other's company before the sleep depravation and newborn craziness sets in! I love this man! He makes me laugh!
{He's never home when I take my "week pictures" I guess he has felt left out all these past 41 weeks ... good thing he was here for what is hopefully the last "week picture"}

Tuesday, December 20, 2011

Keeping Busy ...

... so we don't loose our minds waiting for baby to come! 

Our days are simple and our evenings are impromptu and it's been nice, really nice actually!

We've had soup and white elephant laughs

Beautiful mornings and family walks

Popcorn and Christmas lights

Remembering last year...
... and thinking about what next year will be like with two kids {it's hard to imagine right now, but also weird to think that by next week it will be hard to remember life without this new little one}

Thursday, December 15, 2011

A Very Christmas-y Saturday!

Last Saturday was a very full day but it was good full, not stressful full!

We started the morning off with breakfast (of course) and then went our separate ways. The boys stayed home to do man things and I went to my mom's house to do Christmas baking where my Auntie, sister-in-law and cousin were all coming to bake too!

So I use the term "Christmas Baking" lightly as I don't really think we made Christmas cookies but we did make cookies that our family all loves and only gets once a year ... thus making them a part of the Christmas season for us! They are called Bratzli, but we just call them Swiss Cookies and they make us all really, really happy! :)

Meanwhile, back at home, the boys were hanging Christmas lights!

Apparently, Bennett had told Adam that Pooh and Buzz needed to come out and help hang the lights too and my super smart husband talked Bennett into setting them by the window so they could watch! I love it!

They did a great job!

After a nap and some new clothes, we took off for Escondido to have a "Thanks-mas" dinner with our group of Outdoors friends, aka "Cadre" friends.
{You know since we are such "outdoors" kind of people these days! ha ha!}

We had a fabulous meal and such a great time with some of our oldest friends!
{Old as in long time - none of us would admit to being old!}
Don't miss the lovely "woodland creature" in the back! I am SOOO glad we didn't win that! 
There's nothing like laughing until it hurts while catching up with friends!  Such a great night!

Tuesday, December 13, 2011


Loving the simplicity of a rainy day at Christmas time!

Sunday, December 11, 2011

Big Band Christmas!

Last Sunday was my churches annual Ladies Dessert Night and it is always something I very much look forward to!

This year was great and really a lot of fun! I mean how can you go wrong with Big Band music and swing dancing?

And then of course there is the food! I forgot to take a picture of dinner because it was so good and I just jumped right in and devoured my salad, Thai pasta, sandwich and root-beer float!

But I remembered my camera when the desserts came out! :)

Friday, December 9, 2011

Cutest Sound Men Ever!

So my brother Brian is the Technical Arts Director for his church and I love him and he does an amazing job, but I have to say no amount of "Haze" effects in the sanctuary will ever top the cuteness of these two sound men working and singing along!!
I mean just look how cute they are!

They aren't even watching each other and they are totally dancing the same way!

And then when Bennett hold the mic for Adam to sing ... it just kills me!

Wednesday, December 7, 2011

"Babies" at the Zoo!

Bennett LOVES the Fisher Price "Little People"
{He calls them "Babies". We have no clue why he calls them that, but he does, so we go with it!} 

Anyways, the "Babies" were at the Zoo this last weekend and so we went!
{Along with the rest of San Diego county who was in Balboa Park for "December Nights" Bad planning Zoo people, Bad planning!} 
He was so happy to see the "babies" AND to be at the Zoo at the same time!

Once it got started Bennett was very serious about watching the show.
He couldn't be distracted for anything!

I finally got a one smile out of him by asking him to say "Babies"
{But you can totally see that he is still watching the show and not looking at the camera}

The show was cute and every kid got a goody bag that included a DVD of the "babies" in holiday themed stories. {He's already watched it more times than I care to admit to anyone!}

After the show was over we went to visit the Elephants of course {I mean what else is the zoo for?!}.

Bennett also continued to show off his new "walk". He says he's flying and he pushes on his chest to open his wings and then pushes on his chest again to make his wings go down ... Buzz Lightyear much?!

After a great bus tour with TONS of animal spottings ...
...we called it a day and headed home via the San Elijio camp ground where we met friends to celebrate their birthdays! It was a great night at the beach with fun friends and great food and Bennett got to climb his first "tree" / large bush at the camp ground with his friend Jake!

It was a nice long day of family and friends ... too bad it didn't send me into labor ... but still, I'm enjoying every last moment as a family of 3!