Saturday, January 31, 2009

No, we did not have the baby yet!

So, here's the scoop on the baby:
The baby turned head down some time around 4 am this last Sunday (the 25th) so we were able to cancel the turning and possible c-section that was scheduled for Friday (yesterday)! Now we just wait... which I am totally okay with! The baby knows when it is done and ready to come out and I am totally okay to give it the time it needs! I honestly don't expect it until at least Valentine's Day, but we shall see! Until then Adam and I are taking it easy and making sure that we are ready to welcome the baby into our home.

Today we went to a wedding of some friends, Maggie and Jessie. It was a lovely wedding in the park, couldn't have been a nicer day!

Also, Aaron came up from Mexico for the wedding so we got to see him for a few minutes.

And since it was such a nice day and I actually put some make-up on, we figured we would try and take some "pregnancy pictures". I'm still not even sure that I like pregnancy pictures, they always seem a little weird to me. But I did decide that I wanted to remember this phase of life and well, pictures are kind of the best way to do that... so here's a couple so you can see just how big my belly has really gotten!

Sunday, January 25, 2009

Another Saturday Full of Parties!

So, I had my 3rd and final shower yesterday and it was simply delightful!

Here's all the ladies sitting down to tea:
We didn't play any games - which I am totally fine with - but the girls did all draw a quilt square for the baby that the great and talented Shayne will be putting together! I am very excited about that quilt, it will be such a special keepsake! So, since there were no games we got right to presents and had a great time "Ohhing" and "Ahhing" over the plethora of handmade gifts I received! It was unbelievable, I really had no clue of the extent of creativity some of these ladies possessed!

Unfortunately the 4th pregnant lady left before we thought to take this picture, but here are 3 of the 4 women with child that were at the shower - (from left to right) Shayne is 15 weeks, I am 38 weeks and Cassie is 10 weeks!
After my shower was over I changed and went to meet Adam and our friends who were all celebrating Jacob's first birthday! We had some dinner together and sat and talked for a long time! It is always so nice to sit and talk with old friends! Here's Jacob in his PJ's playing with his balloons - can you even stand the cuteness?!
As for a baby update - like I said, I'm 38 out of 40 weeks pregnant and I'm waiting for a miracle to happen! The baby has still not turned head down! I have gone to the chiropractor 2 times and have two more visits this next week and I am trying all sorts of home remedies to get the baby to turn! I'm still planning on going in this next friday the 30th to see if the doctor can turn the baby but I'm really not looking forward to that at all! And I really, really don't want to have a c-section! Please join us in praying that the baby turns head down all by it's self and that i am able to have a natural and safe delivery!

Lastly, Adam finished the closet! YAY! Now we can put stuff away!

Monday, January 19, 2009

The Count Down Continues...

Yes, folks it's true, we are in the last days of this pregnancy and it's funny - my water could break at any moment due to the fact that I am technically "full term" and yet I'm still doing stuff and keep having to remind myself to slow down. In my head I still think I can get a ton of errands done in an afternoon and that I can go to two parties in one day and be totally okay. Well let me tell you, I tried both of those things this weekend and well... I was absolutely exhausted after attempting both!

First, an update on the baby - as of last Wednesday (the 14th) the baby was still transverse so they put me on the schedule to go in and have the baby turned on the 30th. If the baby turns on it's own before then - Great! If not, we will go in that day and if they find out that the baby is stuck due to the cord or if there is some other issue as to why it can't turn on it's own then they will take the baby out by c-section that day! So, yeah, our baby has a possibility of being born on the 30th! We are still praying over the baby and asking the Lord to help it to turn and I am going to the Chiropractor tomorrow to be adjusted which could possibly help the baby to turn as well. (If you want to know about it, click here)

In other news, this weekend was my second baby shower and my friend Maggie's bridal shower, both of which were on Saturday! This second shower was just with some girl friends from college and it was much smaller than the last one. It made for a very lovely afternoon because I actually was able to have personal conversations with each one of the guest - I really enjoyed it!

Here I am with the Party Planning Committee (Jen, Katie and Nicolle):

Nicolle and I before the shower started:

Me with the cutest party favor cookies ever!!!

Jenny and Nicolle working on their onesies:

Hillary and I with her winning onesie (It says "I love my mommy" in Russian) (Also, I was 37 weeks and one day pregnant here - I didn't take a "week" picture this week)

Part of the room:

The other part of the room:

Kelly getting a prize for winning a game:

My fat face with a 3 very skinny and cute faces!

Becky and I at Maggie's Bridal Shower later in that evening (you can just see the tired on my face)!

Sunday, January 11, 2009

Baby Update

So, here's a few "baby" things that have happened lately.

Last thursday I went to the doctor and found out the baby is not head down but transverse. And the doctor would like to see the baby head down by my next visit (this coming wednesday). So, I've been talking to the baby, telling it where to put it's head and where to put it's rear and today at church some woman prayed over the baby and well, it's been moving a lot today, I'm not sure if it has totally turned, but it might have - but please keep the baby's health and my body in your prayers if you think about it!

Also, last thursday the crib bedding sewing project came to a conclusion - not that it's finished, but it's as finished as it can be since the last part is to add a bright pink or navy blue ribbon and well, won't know for at least 4 weeks which color to add! But here's a few pictures of what I've been working on! (thank you to Marty for letting me borrow the machine, Katie for getting me started and Shayne for helping me to feel comfortable enough to sew on my own)

Next up, I had my first baby shower! YAY!!! Here's a few pictures, from the lovely Prior house that is apparently not the ideal place to take pictures, but was such a lovely shower and such a blessing to me! (Thank you Koni for a lovely day!)

Lastly, here's me tonight, 36 weeks and 2 days pregnant - only 26 days till my due date (but who actually ever gives birth on their due date - so really, who know when it will happen!)

Thursday, January 8, 2009

Vacation Time!

So, we're back from Apple Farm and we had a great time doing absolutely nothing!!!

We spent our days exploring the little towns in and around the San Luis Obispo area. One town we explored was Arroyo Grande where there was a hanging bridge but not anyone around to take our picture - so Adam set the self timer and ran!!! This was the third try, but he did it!

Arroyo Grande also had random "wildlife" that we chased around for a little bit

But really, we had no plans and thus had a wonderful time! We went and saw a movie, had garlic fries @ Mo's and shared a pecan cinnamon roll (all in one day). We went into plenty of high end baby stores and found all sorts of things we don't need! The most amazing thing we actually considered buying was a wooden stir fry kit for kids to play with, but we figured it wouldn't get much use for a couple of years so we didn't need to purchase it.

One thing that we did do each afternoon was attend the afternoon reception our hotel hosted. They had wine and cider and hot tea and little cookies and biscuits for you to enjoy - so we did! We each took a book and really enjoyed ourselves. It's nice to be able to read for as long as you want because you have nowhere to go!

This was such a relaxing trip - I'm so glad we were able to go!

Friday, January 2, 2009

The big 3-5!

So, today, January 2, 2009, marks my 35th week of pregnancy and the fact that I have only 35 days until my due date!!!! (It is also my friend Claire's birthday - happy birthday to her!) So, here's my picture - with a little preview of the baby's room that my husband and brother worked on this week. Please excuse the sweatpants and the fact that I am wearing Adam's slippers and my lack of make-up - I'm on vacation!

Speaking of vacation... Adam and I are leaving after church on Sunday to go to our favorite place...

We'll be gone till Wednesday, enjoy life without us!