Wednesday, April 28, 2010


Three years ago today...

It was a good day and it has been a great three years!

Monday, April 26, 2010

Earth Day Update

After Adam got home from work we went to get some plants for Earth Day!
Yes, it was raining, we tried to make it quick!

We ended up buying a 4 pack of cucumber plants, one heirloom tomato plant, a green bell pepper plant, strawberry plant and a basil plant

Here's our new "kids" at home, they are fitting in really well! 
Left back row: "Planty" (being a great example to it's new friends on how grow up nice and big), the heirloom tomato, and the green bell pepper
Front row: The four pack of cucumbers

Here's the basil and strawberries in the fun hanging planter we got from our friend Sandy (thanks Sandy, we love them!)

All planting of plants done by Adam. I was freezing and complaining and Bennett's hands were cold so we went in and took a bath to warm up! 
Adam is such a good gardener, I just like to look at them and give them water, I'll leave the dirt and yuck to him!  :)

Sunday, April 25, 2010

Recent Cuteness

Sometimes I just can't get over the stuff this boy does and wants/attempts to do!
There is never a dull moment!
He wanted to play Wii boxing - he thought he was such hot stuff! It's funny (and scary) how much he watches and imitates EVERYTHING we do! It makes me want to pray more so that he will imitate that!

I know these next few look rather posed but the crazy thing is, is that I did no such posing. These were just the lucky shots I got as I was clicking away.

Bennett got a package in the mail last week from his Grandma and Grandpa Elwer who just got back from Hawaii! 
He's looking like he is ready for an island adventure! 

Friday, April 23, 2010

San Diego Zoo

Oh San Diego, how we love thee!

We started our day at Seaport Village to get Adam a hat that would fit on his giant melon! While he was serious shopping, Jen and I were having fun! Jen was really feeling the Zoo spirit as she was trying hats on!

After purchasing a hat for Adam (an early anniversary present) and stopping by the book store for a coffee, we were off to the zoo!

Parking was a bit full (spring break and all) so we finally found two mom's who where were packing up their kids and we waited, and waited and waited while they folded up strollers and got kids in car seats ... Bennett was loosing his mind (patience isn't one of the fruits of the spirit he has yet) so he got to play with Jen in the back seat (don't call CPS, we weren't moving!)
Once we finally parked we made our way to the park!
(See Adam's new hat?! Pretty cute huh?!)

Once inside we saw tons and tons of animals (of course)

I think Bennett enjoyed looking at the animals, it's hard to tell for sure, but he was really happy all day so we take that as a success! 
We made sure to show him the animals
But he did get a little board in in stroller a few times
So we made sure to let him walk around some too
He even spent a long time on Adam's shoulders - he really did do so well!
Adam wanted to be an Extraterrestrial Impact Theorist (don't ask me why) He makes me laugh!
But by the end of the day Bennett did just need some sling time (but I would have liked someone to carry me too! There are a lot of hills at the Zoo!) But again, he did great!

After seeing the Pandas we went up this big long moving sidewalk thing - it was wonderful and we stopped and took a couple pictures

For the Trier family:

We only had one miss hap of the day - we forgot a sippy cup for Bennett! So, Bennett learned how to drink out of Mommy and Daddy's water bottles! He loved it and it has come in handy a number of times since then!

Can you even imagine how cute this would have been on him?!

It was so great to spend the day with Jen!

We had an awesome time and look forward to going back soon!