Thursday, June 23, 2011

Holy June Batman!

How did it already become the 23rd of June?!!!!!

I have like 50 blogs brewing in my head but there have been just a couple things going on ...

Swimming lessons
Messy Art Camp
Having a two year old
Family visiting from out of town
Growing a new life inside me 
Planning my 30th birthday getaway with my hubby

... you know, not much of anything! 

So just wanted to drop by and say hi to my thousands of faithful readers and share a picture from this morning ... 

Didn't you have your gloves and Kyrgyz (as in from the country, Kyrgyzstan) house shoes on this morning too?! 

Wednesday, June 8, 2011

the joy of an old camera card...

So, my mother-in-law came over the other day and said that she had found an old card for her camera and that there were some really old pictures on it that she thought I would like to see!

Holy Moly! Blast from the past!

3 days after returning home from Russia in 2006, Adam and I had plans to have dinner (our first date) but he told me his sister was in town for one day and wanted to know if I would mind having dinner with his family...
We still cook with that wok at least once a week! 
Those are brand new clothes I have on!
I had gained so much weight in Russia none of my clothes I left at home fit me so my mom took me shopping! 

And then on that same card was this...

Look at how little he was! 

Good (and totally random) trip down memory lane!  

Monday, June 6, 2011

Random things I forgot to blog about!

My cousin Brittany is getting married! (on saturday, actually, in Cabo, I fly out in 4 days! ) 
We threw her a tea for her shower back in April

My son is funny with guns, and i love how small he looks here!

Did you notice his new kicks ... I'm kind of obsessed with them!

My son is a nut case on the trampoline!

He got his first train set from Madix ... he is one happy boy!

I went to the Mother's Day Tea at church with my mom. 

My son likes to play sudoku while using the potty!

He told me his was cutting his toe nails like dad! hahahaha!!!!

My son likes to be an Elephant like Mowgli!

And last but not least, just because i think he's cute!

Friday, June 3, 2011

Adam's 30th!!!!

My dear sweet husband turned 30 this past Sunday and we had a great time celebrating him!

Unfortunately I got some sort of 24 hour bug and/or the baby rejected our yummy Indian food dinner on saturday night so I spent his birthday with massive stomach pain and all the yucky-ness that comes with the flu. It was not pleasant!

I was soooooooo disappointed too because I thought we would have the funnest day as a family, instead Adam went to church by himself, Bennett was picked up at 8am by my mom and spent the entire day with her and I stayed in bed until 3pm when I drug myself out of bed to take a shower.

Lucky for us, Adam's mom goes to our church and she was already planning to spend the afternoon with us so she took Adam out to lunch and then took him shoe shopping!

So once Adam got home and he saw just how sick I really was, he set into to getting ready for his party that was at 5 (that I should have been preparing for all day!)  My lovely neighbors pitched in and Adam went and picked up the hot wings and my mom came and picked me up and remarkable the house was perfectly ready and there was no sign of sickness when the first guest arrived at 5!

Adam is totally a quality time guy, he doesn't care if you get him a birthday present, but he does care that you take time to spend with him. So seeing how he is a crazy busy man who hardly ever gets a moment off from working and has even less time to see friends, I planned him a "Man Night" for his birthday! (which worked out awesome since I didn't have to be there!) 11 guys came over and they all just sat around and ate and talked and played Halo and Risk and I don't know what else... but I do know the last guys left at 1:30 am so I'm taking it as a success! (Bennett and I spent the night at my mom's)

Here's all 5 (yep, 5 total!) pictures that were captured of Adam's 30th Birthday:

Glory be to God, I woke up Monday morning and I felt great! Either the bug or all the Indian food had finally all left me and I was good as new! I was very thankful because Monday morning was the family breakfast at Richie's Diner (fun and random tradition in my family) for Adam's birthday!

After a yummy breakfast of food that no one should eat for breakfast on a regular basis, we moved on to our next birthday activity, Kung Fu Panda Two!

It was totally great and it was Bennett's first time going to the movies - ever!
He got some celebratory "Pop-Pop" due to the occasion!

He didn't make it thru the whole movie and I had to stand with him while walked up and down the stairs 8,000 times but he passed out with about 30 minutes left, poor guy, he has no closer to the movie!

After the movie we took my brother Casey home (it was about 1pm at this point) and ended all taking naps and staying for spur of the moment BBQ with my parents!

Despite my sickness, I know Adam had a great birthday weekend and I am sooooo thankful for everyone who helped and came and celebrated and loved him!