Tuesday, May 31, 2011

3 years ago today...

.... was a very busy day for me!

It was a saturday and I had breakfast with Katie at my house, went to Katy Drabek's bridal shower, then went to Sam Lincoln's graduation party, then (while at Sam's party) we invited Justin and Elisha over to play cards!
I was a nut, I tell you, a nut!

But in between getting home from Sam's party and Justin and Elisha making it to our place...

... this happened!

Yep, at 8:30 pm
(yeah, I know you are supposed to take them in the morning, but I couldn't wait)
I was shocked!
It was our first try!

So this is a very sentimental day for me today!
I have been aware of Bennett's presence in my life for 3 whole incredible years!

And well, on that note I thought I would take a moment and share this...
(sorry for the bad quality, it's a picture 'cause our scanner is broken)

Yep, yep yep! 

You are correct! 

We're having a baby!

Baby Elwer #2 is due in late December (the 14th is my due date but let's just be realistic here, I'm sure the 28th is more accurate!) 

As of tomorrow morning (June 1st) I will be 12 weeks along!  We are very excited and can't wait to meet our new son/daughter!
(We're still going back and forth on if we are going to find out the sex this time around)

The above ultrasound lasted for about one minute and that is only picture they took, but I did get to hear the heart beat (a strong 160) and really that's all I wanted! (I'm such a worry-wart! I wish I had one of those things so I could hear the heart beat everyday, just to make sure everything's okay)

We've told Bennett and we try to talk about the baby as much as we can, but he pretty much has no clue! He'll be 2 months shy of 3 years when the baby comes and I'm sure as I start to show more and eventually when he can feel the baby kick, he will start to understand more!

But as for now, he asks Adam and I to kiss his "baby" (belly) too! :)

Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Swimming Lessons!

We signed up for "parent and me" swimming lessons through the city of Murrieta and they have been great until yesterday!

But first the good stuff!

The first day of class Bennett and I were in the water and we had a great time!

Trying to use his hands to "scoop" through the water!
We got a pretty good laugh out of this one! 
He liked to say "Scoop" but he didn't really get the hang of it!

The second night we went early to play at the park that Bennett was very sad we did not play at the first night. He is a little too brave! (Notice that he completely lets go to grab on to the hand holds to pull himself up)

Adam was so kind to go in the water on the second night and they had a TON of fun together!

He actually got the "Kick and Scoop" down this time!

But his favorite part of the day was when they got to count and jump!

Listen up and you can hear my sweet boy count to 3!

SO yesterday, after all that fun he had last week, we thought "Ehh, so yeah it rained, but Bennett LOVES swimming lessons, lets go anyways."

We left after our son cried through the first 10 minutes of a 30 minute class. 

Sunday, May 15, 2011

The San Diego Zoo

What's better than the Zoo?
Yeah, I know, not much!

Before the Zoo we had to make a quick stop at Sea Port Village.

Adam got a real hat, I just played dress up!

After a quick drink at the Upstart Crow, we were all caffeinated and on our way to the Zoo!

We had a first at the Zoo, we decided to take the bus tour!

Seriously?! Why did it take us a whole year of having passes to finally figure out that the bus tour is the best thing at the park! It was great! Bennett got to see the "cool" animals and we didn't have to walk all those crazy hills!

After the bus tour we spent some time in the children's zoo playing and feeding goats.

Bennett was kind of obsessed with feeding the goats! He kept following this goat around and feeding it one piece of straw at a time and then cracking up when the goat ate it!

Next we went to see the Elephants again and upon sitting down to have snack we all kind of realized we were more than okay to call it a day!

We played our way out of the park and were on our way to Buca de Beppo's!

Bennett loved all the singing and yelling that went on there! he enjoyed being as loud as he wanted and we enjoyed not having to tell him to be quiet!

Days like these are the best!
No real agenda, but lots of great memories made!

Saturday, May 7, 2011

4 Year Celebration

Thanks to Adam's mom, Adam's aunt and my mom we had child care and money to go out to dinner for our anniversary!

I picked the place, Stone Brewery World Bistro and Gradens in Escondido. We sort of missed it on our first pass, but after a quick U-turn and a walk down an enchanted pathway, we were there!

We had been wanting to try the place for a long time and it was so worth the wait!

We discovered the wonders of Kombucha (Adam order the ginger flavor, it was Amazing!) and I ordered a french press of tea along with the hummus of the day (cilantro and serrano - YUM!!)

For dinner Adam ordered the Buffalo steak (which was wonderful, but the real winner on the plate were the white cheddar mashed sweet potatoes, seriously, those things were unbelievable!)

And I ordered the Salmon over a butternut squash risotto cake - again, amazing, I seriously wanted to lick my citrus beurre blanc sause off my place!

And then for dessert we branched out a bit and were not disappointed! We ordered the Blueberry Blue Cheese Jalapeno Cheese Cake and our taste buds got the ride of their life! The cheese and the heat and the berry compote ... never had anything like it ever!

Thank for making this awesome night possible for us Mom, Mom and Aunt Kathy!

Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Easter 2011

Due to our trip to Oroville ...
oh, by the way, we didn't get the job so we are not moving ... very mixed feelings about it all
... Easter snuck up on us really fast!

We made it to the interactive Good Friday service. It was a little over Bennett's head of course, but I'm still glad we walked through the whole thing with him. I like doing things as a family. I like the idea that soon (probably sooner than I'm ready for) Bennett will be filled with questions and Adam and I will be able to walk with him as he continues to get to know his Heavenly Father.

This was by far his favorite part of the night ...
...well, that and getting to wash his hands with his very own wet wipe.

Saturday was filled with Easter service preparations at church, a quick drive-thru lunch of Del Taco and helping a friend get her garden started.

And then, there is was, all of a sudden it was Easter!

After working both first and second service we made our way over to Adam's mom's house for Breakfast!
We had omelets, blueberry pancakes and tater tots and then all fell asleep watching IQ.
It was a wonderful afternoon!

For dinner we heading to my mom's house for dinner with the fam.

Bennett got a very appropriate Easter gift from my parents, a golf set!
since he had been sport'n his awesome golf sweater all day! 
I think I may have a thing for Easter sweaters, maybe ... just maybe.

My brother Casey made a coconut cream pie from scratch for dessert which of course needed fresh whipped cream ... Bennett got his first chance ever at the beaters

He's a natural!