Wednesday, July 30, 2008

A Wonderful San Diego Weekend!

Well, we didn't actually go down and stay there or anything, but we did some super fun stuff in the greatest city on earth!

Sunday: We left church as soon as Gary said "let's pray" so that we wouldn't get stuck in a crowd of people because we had to be in downtown by 12:30'ish because our show was at 1. You see, Adam, being the wonderful husband that he is, got us tickets to see Phantom of the Opera for my birthday!!!! YAY!!! So, having had the sound track since high school (I think) I was totally excited to go and see it and sing along, of course!
Well, so, I knew all the songs, but actually seeing it on stage made the songs far more dark and creepy and kind of instilled a new fear of mirrors into me, but nonetheless - IT WAS AMAZING!!! So, afterwords, we went and had an amazing dinner at the Prado in Balboa Park and actually watched two weddings during our 3 hours dinner (They were moving those couples right along) but since the waitress asked if we were celebrating anything, we gave her the story that we were celebrating my birthday, but that it was a month ago... but she didn't care, she still brought us an awesome sorbet dessert!
Monday: We met up with our friends, Justin and Elisha and took the long drive back down the Balboa Park for a picnic and organ concert in the park. We had a great dinner of pasta salad and brownies and then played our favorite card game, hand and foot (or hands and feet, or foot and mouth). The music was fabulous, as usual, the guy who was playing last night was only 19 and we were very impressed! During his second to last song, Justin and I just had to get up and dance along! Enjoy our weirdness!

So, we had a great time in San Diego, too bad we don't live closer, but it's nice for little getaways like these two wonderful adventures!

Saturday, July 19, 2008

My wife- she's cute!

Just a cute picture of my wife I found on my camera...
But I think she is still a little young for the Red Hat Society...

Thursday, July 10, 2008

Adam Elwer - his talent never ends!

On April 28, 2007 the picture below was taken by the talented Mr. Jonathan West:

Then in mid-April of 2008, Adam started his version of the picture (I only have two "evolution" pictures, I wasn't a good documenter of the process)

And now in July of 2008, the picture is done and hanging over our bed! I love that Adam color matched the darkest brown with our comforter.

So, not much else to say, except - YAY for Adam and his brain that thinks of ways to improve our home and beautify it with art all on his own! You are the best Adam!

Tuesday, July 1, 2008

Sarah's Birthday / Family Camp

It's true, Sarah is officially 27 years old! YAY!!!

So, here's the story if her birthday: the day before her birthday (Wednesday, the 25th) Sarah was at work and her boss sent here these beautiful sunflower!

Then, the morning of her birthday (Thursday, the 26th) Adam made Sarah a smiley face breakfast of pancakes, a zone bar and a star shaped candle. Sarah thought it was random, but very cute nonetheless.

At work that morning, Sarah's office mate, Marcy, had decorated!

Then right after work, Adam and Sarah went straight to family camp where they were going to lead worship with their friends, the Prior's. After the first evening teaching of the camp, Glen had the whole camp sing happy birthday to Sarah and then the Prior family gave Sarah a carrot cake which they all were more then happy to help her eat!

Here are some pictures from family camp, like last year we didn't really know anyone buy the Prior family so all the pictures are just of the Elwer's and the Prior's

So, camp was really fun and Sarah really enjoyed her birthday weekend of fun!