Wednesday, April 23, 2008

Fun, Fun Weekend!

This weekend was just one great time after another!
On Friday, Adam and I met my brother Aaron for dinner and it just so happened that the place we went was the place one of the sweetest, most wonderful girls I met at Pepper Tree RV Park works now! So, she took her break and ate dinner with us - it was so so so good to see her and to catch up with her - it made me miss Pepper Tree a lot!

After dinner the three of us took off to the Storm game because our littlest brother, Casey, was playing the tuba before the game - we had no clue what to expect - but there were more than a few kids there playing their instruments!

The game was fun, we met up with my mom and just kind of hung out for a while... we laughed at the other team a lot because they were named The Modesto Nuts! Seriously! Can you believe they would name a baseball team that?!
Anyways, we snapped this picture as we were leaving early - we were cold!

On Saturday, Adam and I had a lovely afternoon just running errands and such around town and then decided to stop and get lunch at a place we had heard great things about, but had yet to visit ourselves called Flower Fusion. This place was awesome! We had the greatest lunch and while there we found out they were having live music that night so due to the fact we were having a dinner party, and had not decided on dessert yet, we picked Flower Fusion as our dessert and evening entertainment place! But before we tell you about dessert, we have to get to the dinner party...

My roommate from Russia, Amanda, came into town from New York this weekend and it was so good to see her! Here's a few pictures of us in Russia, just to remember the good times:

Also, at our dinner party, was our friends Ryan George and Jaso! Adam and I haven't seen Jaso since last June so it was great to see him! We had gotten him a birthday present last August (because that's when his birthday is) and we hadn't seen him since then, so he finally got his Birthday present! We had a lovely dinner and after dinner we did go back to Flower Fusion and ordered some tea and coffee and yummy pastries and listened to the live music!

On Sunday, we went to church, then out to lunch with the Sullivan's and Vince, then we went up to Pomona to see our friend Bryan who taught in Kazakhstan while Amanda and I were in Russia. It was really nice to see him and I totally wish we had taken a picture while we were at his house - oh well, but it was great to see him! After that we had a great dinner at California Pizza Kitchen and then Amanda went her way to LA (she had meetings for work starting Monday morning) and Adam and I headed home.

All in all, it was a super fun weekend and we look forward to spending time with all these fun people again soon!

Tuesday, April 15, 2008

The Lord Provides!

Here's a picture of Adam as we were leaving Trader Joe's in Corona yesterday! As we were walking out of the store he turns to me and say, "We need to take a picture of this!" so of course, me being the one who always has a camera, got it right out and snapped this shot!

The reason that there is any significance to this photo is just that things are tight at our house right now (as it is with almost everyone right now) and the Lord totally blessed us with a GIANT gift card to Trader Joe's. Adam and I had so much fun shopping because we weren't counting as we were shopping, we were just shopping and I even got a fabulous lavender salt scrub!

So, our fridge (and freezer) and cupboards are full and we are so blessed! Thank you Lord!

Sunday, April 13, 2008

Beth Moore Weekend

This weekend I went to hear Beth Moore speak with some other friends from church. I had a not fabulous week last week and I was really looking forward to going because I knew that the Lord wanted to meet with me there because I would be away from the stuff I had been struggling with. Well, it's true, He is faithful and I am so glad I went! I'm still in process with what I heard this weekend, but will be posting a blog on it by Tuesday here.

But as for now, I'll give you just some details and fun parts of the weekend:

Above, is a picture of the ladies that went this weekend just before we started our hike up the hill (that story will come in just a second)! In the front row, Jen and I, second row, Marty and Annie and then in the back row is Sue. We had a great time laughing together and NOT talking about the conference (Beth asked us not to, it was kind of funny, but cool) and eating Jack in the Box AND Denny's at 11:30 p.m. - I haven't eaten this bad since college but it was totally fun!

On Friday night, we got caught in some serious traffic trying to leave the arena! It was so bad it took and hour and a half to get out of the parking structure we were in - it was actually a little scary! Thus, Saturday morning, we made a plan and parked in "Lot X" and hiked up a hill to get back to the arena! (Our car is the one backed into the spot facing the white bus)
And this is just a picture of the inside of the arena, there were about 9,000 people there, but I must say, it still felt intimate - that had to have been God, because really...9,000 people is not intimate! Also, the worship was outstanding (Travis something or other) and the video production was the best I have ever seen!!! (Andy, I'm sorry, you are good, but seriously, this was amazing!!!)

Wednesday, April 9, 2008

Disney Days are always refreahing!

Adam and I went to Disneyland on Monday where we met up with the Prior family and then ran into the Gwen (who was celebrating her 17th birthday Monday, thus skipping school!) and Adam from church. So we all joined forces and became a group of eight for the day!

Highlights from the include:

Adam's first trip to Tom Sawyer / Pirate Island

A trip thru the 100 acre wood with Evangeline

Adam and Gwen sat in front of us and lead the way

Adam (as always) loves being a space ranger!
Koni, Analiese and I waited to see the California Adventure Water Parade, Analiese and I took pictures of ourselves....
Analiese felt she needed a turn with the camera -
out of the 30 or so pictures she took, these two are the best:

And basically those were the highlights - Oh and last but not least we had a very yummy dinner (thank you again Prior family)!

Wednesday, April 2, 2008

Sorry we haven't updated in a while.

Things have been a little busy for us with house sitting for two different families (the Tucker's and the Trier's) and you know how life is... it just keeps going and then all of a sudden it's been 3 weeks since you have updated your blog - Opps! Here's the things we have been doing that we have pictures from:

My Dad's Captain, Matt Moore, died from a brain attacking amoeba and the funeral was on March 20, 2008

This is the sticker on all the Murrieta Engines

This is a picture of the family that was in the news paper a few weeks ago - be sure to keep them in your prayers.
Here's a picture of Adam and I on Easter at my parent's house.

This last Friday night, the 28th, my long time friend Kelly came over to have dinner with Adam and I. We had such a nice time spending time with her! After dinner Kelly revealed her love for the Cello and for the remainder of the evening Adam and Kelly played the guitar, cello and mandolin until 1 a.m. - I sat on the sofa and watched them!

The next day, after weeks of trying to ignore how high our weeds were (notice Adam's knee's are covered in the picture below) and so after a couples baby shower we both went to, we spent the remainder of the day cutting our weeds down - it was not fun!

This next picture is awesome because our weeds look like grass after Adam cut them all!

Here's Adam covered in weeds and representing the "L.E." (Lake Elsinore)