Wednesday, May 28, 2008

Super Fun Disneyland Trip!!!

Going to Disneyland on Memorial Day may not have been the best idea ever, but despite the crowds we still managed to have a great time! Since this trip is the closest Disneyland trip to Adam's Birthday, we also called it his "Birthday trip" and got him one of those Birthday pins so people wished him a Happy Birthday all day long!

We did something we had never done before: We took a ride on the Pirate ship that goes around Tom Sawyer/Pirate Island, The Columbia!

Here's Gwen's Memorial Day picture from the boat
After disembarking from the Columbia we met up with my cousin and her boyfriend and the four little girls they had with them to have lunch at the Golden Horseshoe and as always it was a great time! - This video might be the coolest part of the show...
Next we met Pocahontas - YAY!
And then went on a few ride!Later in the day our good friend Jaso met up with us and we had a great time on Roger Rabbit's Cartoon Spin.
The winner of the cutest picture of the day goes to Gwen!
We all had dinner at Tortilla Jo's in Downtown Disney!
We ended our day with the fireworks show of wonder!

Wednesday, May 21, 2008

Adam’s Birthday and Graduation Celebration!

So, my fabulous husband has graduated from California Baptist University!!!!

It is also just a week away from his 27th birthday!

So with both of those big things happening we decided to have one giant party!

So, we invited a few friends to my parent’s house to help celebrate Adam and all of a sudden their house was over flowing and the backyard was packed too! It was such a fun time, here’s some of our guests that came to play with us!


Tuesday, May 13, 2008

A Bountiful Harvest!

Okay, so a couple of posts ago I told you about the flower patch that Adam planted me for Valentine's Day, well, that "patch" also included some strawberries and a very cute little sign:

Yesterday, before heading over to the Taft home to spend the day with Mike, Jenny and Jacob Shelton we picked our first "harvest" of strawberries so we could share them with our friends!  We didn't take any pictures during our 12 hours together, but we did consume all the strawberries pictured below with great delight!

We made it in the door!

It’s true – Adam and I had dinner at Club 33 on Saturday night!

Here’s the scoop - my boss, Lori, has a friend and she made a call and then all of a sudden we are in!

Due to the fact that our reservations were not until 9pm, we had some time to kill… Lori had never been on the Buzz Lightyear ride before and she really enjoyed that one. We took a few pictures in line and then Adam explained to Lori how the ride works. (Unfortunately, the pictures didn’t turn out so we don’t have the cool ones with our scores).

So, once we were in Club 33, we were seated in the Living Room portion of the residence and as we enjoyed our amazing dinner while watching (and listening to) the fireworks show and Fantasmic. (Here’s Adam and I out on the balcony, and the crowd below us.)

A couple pictures of the inside, including the “throne” in the bathroom.

It was a pretty fabulous evening that we will not soon forget – thanks again to Lori!!!

Friday, May 9, 2008

Joy and Sadness...

Okay, the joy first! So, for Valentine's Day my wonderful husband, Mr. Adam Elwer, planted me a garden!!! But I didn't put any pictures up about it because it was a garden made entirely of bulbs, thus the garden looked like a dirt patch with a fence around it (doesn't make for great photos). But now, nearly 3 months later, the garden has been growing very well and I even have weeds - thus I must be doing something right! So, with that introduction in place, I am happy to introduce to the world my first two flowers from my fabulous garden! YAY!!!! (the big tall things in the background are the sunflowers that have not even started to grow flowers yet and are almost taller than me!)

Okay and now for the sad... I work in a legal office, and since August there has been another assistant in the office with me named Matt. Matt is great and funny and is my "Jim" (not in the weird romance way of the more resent Office's - don't miss read this and call Adam - Adam loves Matt too!) He's my "Jim" in the way that when something funny happens in the office we can look at each other and laugh our heads off without saying a thing because we both know that was just happened or the conversation we just over heard was totally hilarious!!!

All that to say: Yesterday was his last day!!!! So, to celebrate and say a found farewell, Adam, Matt, Lori (my boss) and I went to sushi last night and then went back to Lori's house to have a Wii bowling competition - it was a good time - and Matt you will be missed!

Below: Matt, Lori (holding Minnie), Me (holding Mickey) and Adam

Monday, May 5, 2008

A few pictures from the weekend...

Here's the funniest picture I've seen in a while - my mom and dad's dog, Tony, was so happy to see Adam he had to be near him! But Tony knows that he is not allowed on the carpet in the family room - thus he climbed from behind the love seat and thru the table to get to where Adam was on the sofa - all to be near to Adam - now that's love!
Here's a picture of me with a big bowl of "Vinaigrette" (basically a Russian beet salad) that was made by a real Russian as part of a missionary night that was at my parents house this weekend. I was so happy to have this and it made me miss Amanda a lot because this was one of her favorite things to eat - I never would have even tried it if it hadn't been for her love of the salad!

Next up this weekend, the lovely and wonderful Miss Hillary ( ) came to visit us on a job interview tour around southern California! We had dinner at Island's in Brea and then spent the remainder of our evening in Boarders picking out books with titles that represented out lives... Enjoy the hilariousness of our evening! "Slightly Tempted and Simply Perfect"

"Once a Princess"

"The Jewish Mind"

"Revolution of Hope"

"Shut Up, I'm Talking!"

"Cooking for Dummies" and "Confessions of a Carb Queen"

After Boarders, we made a quick stop at Starbucks and in true CIS fashion we had to take a picture by the "monument" outside the Starbucks. (It looks like I'm about to fall in!)

Then like real Americans we took a normal picture:

Adam basically put up with us the whole time - thanks for being a good sport and driving us crazy girls around!

Anyways, it was really, really great to see Hillary and we should all (that includes you... I know you don't know her, but she's fabulous and you would love her if you met her!) pray she gets a job down here so we can see her more!