Monday, January 31, 2011

Duck Pond

The duck pond is quickly becoming a favorite afternoon activity!

Grandma took Bennett for his time last November!
He absolutely loved it! 

Getting a closer look!
Jumping and pointing at the birds! 

Hand delivering bread to the brave duck

And then the other day because he did #2 on here:

I told him we could go to the duck pond
(I'm going to have to look for a more manageable reward system or we could be at the pond every day!)

Bennett likes to throw "hearty" portions of bread to the ducks
He got to pick out his own clothes that day too!

I LOVE his little face here! 
When you really love ducks you wave to them with both hands! 

Friday, January 28, 2011

Adam's Home!

Adam had to go to camp with his students this week. We missed him a lot! 

Bennett was so happy to see his daddy! 
I think he wanted to make sure he wasn't going to leave again!
Not a bad idea! 

Thursday, January 27, 2011

For the Love of the Fries

Sometimes even sleep can't stop you from finishing your In-n-Out meal!

Saturday, January 22, 2011

Ethiopian Boy?

 Some friends of ours are missionaries in Ethiopia and brought these clothes for him when they were home recently.   So I tried it on him and followed him around the house for a while ... here's what we ended up with: 

Teething is hard ... poor kid!

Reaching my Altoids... the kid LOVES them! 
His head barely fit through the head hole! 
I am so glad I tried it on him as soon as I did!

Tuesday, January 18, 2011

MLK Jr. Day 2010

Umm, so yeah, I don't have some noble story of service to report, sorry. 
We decided to take a family day and spend it at the Wild Animal Park in Escondido.

We had a nice relaxing morning and finally made it on the road at about 10:45, because well, we had nowhere to be and it didn't really matter! When we arrived it was much hotter than we had expected so we changed Bennett into some shorts and we started walking. Bennett was really into the animals and was having a great time pointing them out to us and talking about what he saw.

When we made it to our normal resting spot by the cheetahs, there was an animal encounter about to start and we had a great time watching Ruby the Kangaroo jump around the grass with her trainer.
It's hard to see in a picture, but Ruby inspired Bennett to jump too! 
(His arms are back and knees bent because he was jumping with her)

Bennett got to get a few fun things at the gift store because his Great Uncle Ted sent him some money for Christmas and we never used it. He got a giraffe, a shirt, a water bottle and some of those little capsules that when you put them in water they expand into animals! Actually the first thing he picked up was a rubber snake and he was making "RAWWER" noises with it at Adam and I. We told him, "not so much," and he moved on to the giraffe, thank the good Lord!

Here he is walking out for the store and then making the giraffe walk in line with us while waiting for the safari tram.

We changed him into his new shirt and he was looking pretty handsome!

He actually had a great time waiting in line for the tram

He even made a friend named Finn who was 2 1/2, they swung on the bars together!
Oh yeah and I found this while in line too! 

The Safari ride was (as usual) a great time!

We got to see all kinds of animals...
Look at picture!
Can you believe this is the middle of January?!

Oh yeah, and we played with the giraffe some more and then Bennett took a picture of mommy!

So, there you have it, no great service project or noble reflections on the life of MLK jr. but still, we had a fabulous day!