Thursday, September 29, 2011

Balloon Surprise!

Daddy brought home ballons the other night when he came home real late from Back to School Night.
Bennett found the balloons first thing the next morning ... he was a very happy man!

Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Tent boy

So, I wasn't in the room for this but my understanding is that while Adam was making the bed, Bennett got on it and said he wouldn't get off because he wanted Adam to make a tent. Sooooo, Adam, being who he is, just kept on making the bed. All I got was a hand motion from Adam of "come her quickly" and I grabbed the camera on the way .... this boy is just too much!

Saturday, September 24, 2011

Happy Birthday Grandma!

Last week due to a perfect storm of a birthday landing on a saturday and with out asking for it, getting that saturday off, we had a whole day to spend celebrating Mary Beth!

The birthday girl picked a fabulous outing to a place she had never been before ...

... and that I couldn't be more fond of!

Seriously, have you ever been to the Getty? There is nothing like it!  There is beauty in every corner of ever building, inside and out, it's stunning!

Okay, but let's be honest, it's a long drive from our house, but we all did rather well (only one bathroom stop for this pregnant girl!)

We were very glad when we arrived and were finally on the tram for our lovely view of the 405!

One of the first things we looked at were old Bibles ... totally facinating!

Especially this part where they laid the process and materials out.

I'm pretty sure we made it through each building and had a great time just wondering around and looking at all the art - there were so many different things to look at!

Bennett of course loved the pieces that had iPad's accompaying them ....
... and wasn't into a whole lot else while we were inside
... but then oddly enough, he seemed rather taken with this vase. He stayed to look at if a really long time and told Adam all about it. 

But being that he is 2 1/2, his favorite part of the day by far was the elevators and their buttons!

Okay and can I just share my favorite part of the day too?!  
If I lived in this part of the Getty, my days would consist of sitting in this room...
 ... or maybe this one.
... while drinking tea from this lovely set
 ...while I stared at this painting
... and then when I got tired I could go rest on my couch
...or if I really needed a nap, I would retire to my bed! 
... ha ha! Okay, thanks for indulging me! :) 
Back to reality.

When we made it out to the gardens Bennett was in hog heaven! He was ready to run and jump and play so we let him, a little... it is still the Getty after all. 

We thought it might be nice to try for a family picture like we took back in Nov. of 2009
Still that same crooked smile of "I'm not sure if I like this"

Then without even realizing it, I kind of re-took this picture too

The rest of our time outside is what could be expected ... you know, lots of running and saying "Bennett, No!" Oh well, such is the life of this young man right now.

We couldn't go see our bench (where Adam proposed) because that part of the garden was closed for work - but it still looked good from afar!
On our way out we had a moment of clarity and remembered to ask someone to take a picture of us all together and this really sweet old man did a pretty good job! 

Oh and one last Getty picture ... One of the highlights of the Getty (besides the art, architecture and gardens) is the people watching! There are so many people from all over the world, you never know what you are going to see! 
Unfortunately I didn't get her husband in the picture with her ... but really, what went thru her mind that morning? "Giant bear attack whistle, check! Pearls, check! Extra elastic sleeve covers, check! All right, I'm ready to go look at art!"

Okay, enough with the Getty ... Everyone needs a fun birthday dinner to make the celebration feel complete! So where could be more fun than Disneyland?! (which by the way, Mary Beth has never been to, so this was her first Disneyland experience ... a cry'n shame I tell you!) So we made our way to Down Town Disney to have a fiesta at Tortilla Joe's. We had a fabulous dinner and probably ate way too much guacamole but it's okay, we were celebrating!
Bennett LOVED the Mariachi band the roamed the restaurant and had a very hard time staying in his seat while watching them!
 After a fun song and a little dessert...
 ... we made our way out and about in DownTown Disney! Bennett was in love!
Buzz and Woody costumes!
Is there red 40 in a green lollypop? I don't know, i figured it was the safest :)
a "Raff" made out of blocks!
Hugging Woody!
Anyone still reading? ... you get a prize! 
What a great and fun day but we were all rather tired by the time we got home! Here's hoping next year we can actually get Grandma inside the real Disneyland for her birthday! :)