Tuesday, January 31, 2012


I'm felling very blessed by how much Bennett loves his little brother! 

He's so good with him and is happy to have him around all the time! 

Some of their more recent "brotherly antics" include...

Reading with Grandpa: 

Taking showers:

 {I can't stop laughing at Bennett here - reminds me of the guy from dumb and dumber}

Going on walks:

But my favorite thing is just watching them cuddle and actually smile/laugh together! 
It's rather precious! 

Saturday, January 28, 2012

Crazy Blessed!

So a while ago {July to be exact} I won a fantastic prize!

I was very excited to say the least but I decided to wait to redeem said prize...

And I am sooooo glad I did!

Please enjoy my favorites from my prize! :)

My friend Leslie took all these incredible pictures ... check her out here

Thursday, January 26, 2012

One Month!

John-Paul {aka: Mr. Squishy} is one month old today!

It feels weird.
All at the same time, I feel like I just had him yesterday and that he's been around forever!
{those conflicting feeling may just be new baby fog ... but still ... }

And I must say that I LOVE having two kids! So much has changed and I'm totally okay with it! As all 4 of my readers may have noticed, I'm blogging less but don't take it personally, I'm doing everything less because I'm making sure Bennett gets outside time every day and that my husband doesn't come home to an absolute disaster of a house everyday {but every other day is alright - right?!}  Anyways, something in my brain shifted from being a couple with a kid to being a family now that John-Paul is here and well ... I'm okay with it! And I am sooooo happy he's here!

Now for some one month cuteness:

According to my bathroom scale {I know, super accurate!} John-Paul weighs 14 pounds today and in my best attempts to measure him he seems to be about 23 inches long and he is wearing 3 month clothes.

He is a very happy baby! He is already smiling and really only cries if he is hungry, needs to burp or is ready to fall asleep.

Speaking of sleeping ... this man is doing awesome and I am so so so thankful {his brother was not so much of a sleeper at this age}. John-Paul's longest sleeping stretches have lasted for 6 glorious hours! Also, a fun note about sleeping is that John-Paul does not want to nurse to sleep - he wants to be cuddled and/or rocked. This is very lovely for me as it allows someone besides me to put this boy to sleep! YAY!

Other than smiling {and general cuteness} John-Paul's skills this month include sneezing, following a stationary object while mommy sways back and forth, nursing {he's a super fast eater which is awesome!}, pinching and beard pulling {this of course only happens to Adam}, super loud farts and burps {you know, guys stuff}, cooing and lifting his head up off of the person who is holding him for a few seconds.

Saturday, January 21, 2012

Tough Guy

Gotta love a boy on a pink motorcycle holding his teddy bear! :)

Thursday, January 19, 2012

Tradition of Blessing

Have I mentioned how much I love my church?!

Just one of the many reasons is for it's traditions, especially the tradition involving new babies! Whenever a baby comes to church for the first time (and my pastor is aware of it) he brings the baby upfront and prays a blessing over the child. It's not a dedication (that's the parents responsibility) it's a blessing ... asking the Lord to guide and direct this new little one in all their days. It's very precious! 

And then if that wasn't enough, the "Women of the Cloth" (our churches quilting ministry) give the new baby a quilt.

Like I've said before, traditions make my heart smile! And these two traditions make it smile 'til it hurts!

Monday, January 16, 2012

Big Boy Bennett

So nothing makes your first born grow up faster then bringing home a newborn! Bennett has been rather busy these past few weeks with all his big boy things...

He went to an awesome birthday party at Sensory Time in Murrieta and had sooooo much big boy fun!

After being told that bubbles were an outside toy he let himself out onto the patio so he could play bubbles by himself
{sniff, sniff...}

While waiting at John-Paul's doctor's appointment ...he told me he was climbing the trees!

He got his first belt! He LOVES to wear it and be just like dad!
{which is really good because he reminds Adam to put his belt on!} 

He got to take his Christmas money to Target and buy some things all by himself!
{He was loving it!}

He reads big boy books now with paper pages ... no more board books for this kid! 
{this was one of the things he bought with his money at Target}

And last but not least ... no joke .... he picked this outfit out to wear the other day!
{Well ... technically he only picked out his underwear, jeans and sweater vest so Adam made him put the white t-shirt on first ... but still, he was looking good and was so proud of himself!}

One of my favorite things about Bennett right now is that if you ask him if he's a "Big Boy" he responds with,  "No, I little boy"

Way to keep it in perspective my "little" boy!

Friday, January 13, 2012

The Boys

I'm kind of in love with all 3 of them ...