Tuesday, September 29, 2009

One "Step" Closer to Walking...

So last Friday, I took this little video of Bennett playing in his room. I honestly thought this phase of him "trying" would last a while...

However yesterday, I set Bennett down to play and went to rinse his diaper (so I was gone 3 minutes at the most). I walk back in the room and this is what I see!
He's up there for a couple minutes and finally lets go because he tries to get me. I thought - will he try again? He most certainty did a can be seen below!

I quickly realized with the skill in the above video the bed would have to move too! Here he is demonstrating just why his bed is now on the lowest setting

It's true, they grow up so fast!

Monday, September 21, 2009

What's high in the middle and round on the ends?

Yes, folks it's true, we packed up last weekend and went to Ohio very last minute! Unfortunately, Adam's grandmother passed away on the 3rd, 5 days before her 79th birthday. Adam really wanted to go to the service since he missed his Grandfather's service due to being at summer camp 3 years ago. However it just wasn't an option due to the cost of the tickets. But then, rather out of nowhere, the family offered to help anyone who wanted to go but couldn't due to money. So we made a couple phone calls, everything worked out, and then the next thing you know we're packing and taking our 6 1/2 month old baby on a plane to Ohio!

Here's some highlights:

Just before take off of the first flight! Bennett did so well! I just nursed him going up and coming down and there were no problems at all!
Adam's Dad and Step Mom picked us up at the airport and we drove straight to the hotel where there was a family dinner waiting for us all! It was really nice to meet the Elwer side of the family. It's funny to see so many people that looked alike all together! Unfortunately I didn't get any of the group pictures from dinner on my camera but hopefully I will get one in my email soon enough!
This was Bennett's first time meeting his Grandpa Elwer (adam's dad - if you couldn't tell from the fact that they look so much alike)
The next morning we drove about 30 min to South Charleston (The families hometown) to the Catholic Church where the service was to be held.
Here's some pictures of Grandma (Yolanda)
The church was BEAUTIFUL!!! I wish "protestant" churches were this pretty!
Bennett and I had to sit and wait for a bit as Adam and the other grand kids were the pallbearers.
The service was really beautiful. I don't think I have ever really listened to what was being said during a Catholic funeral before (since my last one was probably 10 years ago) but now that I have - I love that it was so complete! I loved that they took time to remember that Yolanda had already died with Christ in baptism. It really was beautiful. Two of her son's Ken and Jeff got up to speak and the Priest was great too! He did such a good job explaining everything I wasn't confused about what to do at any point during the service. Although I might have been confused about this:
Yes, folks there is a reason I am Free-Methodist and not Catholic, but I'm still so glad that the body of Christ has so many different expressions just like the people involved in them. (And truth be told, I do wish I went to a church with a bit more "traditional liturgy" I love the unity in knowing that people all over the world are studying the same scriptures and thinking on the same promises each week... but that's a different blog... back to the trip)

After the graveside prayer service, "the boys" took a picture together. They are in birth order from left to right - Michael (Adam's dad), Jeffery, Kenneth, Gregory, Patrick and Steven.
Here they are one of the last times they were all together: Back row Ken, Mike, Greg, Jeff. Front row: Steve and Pat.
Here's the grand kids (and one stink'n cute great-grandson) who were able to make it to the service. left to right: Josh, Katie, Liz, Katie, Jackie, Jenny Bennett and Adam.
Family picture at the luncheon afterwards
With Adam's Dad and Step Mom.
So after leaving the luncheon that the church ladies made for us (complete with homemade mac-n-cheese!) We headed out the farm where all the boys grew up. When the Elwer's lived there they had chickens (100,000 of them) but the people who live there now have pigs. The wife of the family that lives there now was so kind and showed us around. Bennett was a bit overwhelmed by the pigs!

In this video, at the end you can see just what a difference there is between a "normal" baby pig and a "runt" - it's kind of crazy!

Michael looking at the barn he constructed back in the day.
Here's the house:
And from the farm we drove to the airport and flew back home! We were literally on the ground in Ohio for 25 hours! But all in all, I really am so glad that we were able to go. I think it was good for Adam and it was great for Bennett and I to meet the family! We were so blessed that the money was provided to take the trip!

This last picture is from the last leg of the journey - the flight was very empty and Bennett got his own seat! (But he was asleep about 10 minutes after this picture was taken and I just held him the whole way - but the extra room was nice nonetheless)

And just because it's too cute to pass up posting - everyone got a bag of pictures to take - this one was included in Adam's bag - this was taken on August 10, 1994 and yes, I think my sweet husband is wearing a fanny pack! How cute is he?!

Friday, September 11, 2009

6 month pictures

Look at this cute boy!
He is now 20 lbs 8 oz and 27 3/4 inches "tall". That's over an inch a month and 2 lbs a month! No wonder this boy has to sleep so much! (He's in the 82nd and 86th percentile)
I figured 6 months was a good time for another family photo, so we also took these:

And then seeing how everyone from my side of the family was actually in town and available, we took some family pictures with my parents and brothers too. I think they turned out really well, except for Aaron and Brian both leaning in the "sibling" picture - who knows what was going on there?!

Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Food, Food, Food!

At Bennett's 6 month "birthday" we decided to celebrate with an exciting meal of rice cereal! Bennett enjoyed himself but was much more interested in the spoon than anything else!

Last night, 9-8-09, we decided to start some vegetables! He did so great! He only grabbed the spoon once or twice towards the end.

Wednesday, September 2, 2009

Crawling and teething does not lead to much blogging!

That's right folks we are doing both and it's been a bit crazy around our house.

Bennett is doing great at moving around and getting what he wants. He's enjoying his new freedom a lot! On Saturday he finally was able to master the art of moving from sitting to crawling without falling! (I am personally very happy to see this mile stone come because I was worried the cloth diapers might have been inhibiting such movement - I was happy to be wrong!)

As for the teething, I have one picture where you can see the little guys coming through!
It's crazy to think those two adorable things can cause so much pain and so many sleepless nights!

On a totally unrelated note:
Bennett LOVES the bath!
He can be screaming his head off from pure exhaustion and you put him in the bath and he is all of a sudden Mr. Happy! This video is from a week ago when we put bubbles in for the first time!

He's a good boy and we are so blessed to be his parents!