Sunday, January 31, 2010

Fish on Sundays?

On the way home from church today We noticed that Bennett was clapping and I wanted to capture it on video. So I got my camera out and by the time I started to record he had changed "tricks" but I found it so amusing that I kept recording anyways

Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Play Time with Mama!

Look at that smile...

I might just be the luckiest Mama anywhere!

Saturday, January 23, 2010

10 month pictures

So I figured that since my son turned 11 months yesterday (sniff, sniff) it was about time to scan his 10 month pictures!

My little Cruiser!
Doesn't he just look like the life of the party? Such a little ham!
Cute little stander!
Look at this perfect little gentleman!
And then last but not least ... the picture you will find in your new picture frames you buy:
I just LOVE this last picture!

Friday, January 22, 2010

Young Love?!

I don't know if I would go that far... but I do think they like each other!

Here's a video of the two together last friday:
Please ignore my horribly sexist comment towards the end of the video!

Then the next night Clara came back over and they were very happy to see each other again!

I think my son is trying to flex his muscles in this picture!
Bennett wanted to share one of his favorite toys with Clara
She checked with her dad first to make sure it was okay she accept such a gift
Then Clara decided to practice her Karate moves on Bennett's big cloth diaper booty!
(If I remember correctly from elementary school - hitting is a good thing!)

Wednesday, January 20, 2010

A Fun Start to a New Year!

Hi Everyone! The Elwer family is back online and blogging!

We took an unintentional break for a while there due to busy-ness and illness and vacation time and family visiting and well... you know, life. So, lets play a little game of blogging catch up.

Fasten your seat belts this could be a long ride...

We were very blessed to celebrate the lovely and talaneted Miss Kelly's 28th birthday with her! Bennett kind of loves her and wants her to be his Aunt Kelly so he took some time to be extra nice to her. (Which in Bennett language means sharing his all precious brown rice puffs with her) Kelly is a great sport actually eating things a 10 month old puts in her mouth!
That evening was also spent chilling with Tio Pepe and trying on his sunglasses (not that they were necessary since the sun was down, but look how cute he is!)
We have been spending a lot of time playing with out new toys from Christmas! The "Band in a Box" by Melissa & Doug continues to be a favorite!
New Years Eve we had a few friends over for some of Adam's homemade chili and to play Settlers of Catan. We really didn't plan on people staying until mid-night but the game just wouldn't end! And wouldn't you know it, about 11:45 Bennett woke up to ring in the new year with us (You can see the excitement in his face!)
Lucky for us Adam got a 3 WEEK vacation from school so when everyone else had to back to work, we still got a whole extra week to sleep in and play!
Bennett discovered a new love in life ... the baking drawers! The boy just can't get enough!
We also introduced avocado over the break - that was a big hit as well!
As usual, Bennett continues to enjoy music! He really loves the banjo but is only allowed to play with it while Adam is with him.
But Bennett's Grammy let him play with her pots and wooden spoons all by himself! He REALLY enjoyed that!
As for walking... well... we are so close! Adam and I are sure that he does it when we aren't in the room. But really we are in no rush for him to walk, he can just stay a baby forever, it's fine by me!

Bennett's new love in life is going out side! The boy seriously crawls to the front door and climbs up trying to reach the nob all while looking at me and trying to talk with his little "Ah, ah" language he has going. It's rather adorable/scary ... we need to keep the front door locked!
Here's Bennett on his first walk in his new wagon! (the video is long... mostly posted it for the Grandma's and Aunts ... I won't be offended if you don't watch the whole thing... I mean he is precious... but I know, he's not your kid)

So, he LOVES his wagon! I'm pretty sure going on walks in the wagon is the only reason he likes to go outside! We go on walks down the street...
... and to see the horse too! Bennett is just mesmerized by them and they are pretty interested in him too!
But mostly what we do with the wagon is push it around in circles (No, I'm not kidding) For about 30 minutes a day Bennett is totally intent and focused on pushing his wagon. The only other thing he pays such close attention to are his books (and well that' s because he's a genius!)
Again, the video is a little long... but if you are related to him I'm sure you'll love it!
Oh and another thing Bennett has discoverd about being outside ... there are all these little snacks all over the ground! We're working on it, but boys will be boys and no matter how hard I try he's going to eat dirt... I just try to make sure it's not an overwhelming amount!

Other than all that we are starting to plan for Bennett's first birthday party. First step, a picture for the invitation. We were thinking something similar to the picture we used for his birth announcement would be cute.Here's how well that is going....

Oh well... the blocks didn't make the cut, but we did get a super cute picture to be shared on here later!

Thanks for sticking with this post for so long! We promise more consistent updates in 2010! Happy Blogging all!