Sunday, July 31, 2011

Summer Silliness!

Summer is the perfect time to be silly. You can stay up late or get up early and some times that just brings out the "best" in us! 
Sometimes you just need to wear your toys! 
Running as fast as you can with your favorite Uncle! 
Celebrating your brother-in-law's 17th birthday! 
Having breakfast with your best friend! 

Writing songs and playing music with your buddies
Conquering Dad and then asking Mom to take a picture of you
Swimming in the bath tub

Hope you all are having a fun and silly summer too! 

Friday, July 29, 2011


So I guess this could have been included in my birthday blog but that was already way too long and this needed to be highlighted with it's own blog because it is just that amazing! 

Adam told me about a week before my birthday that he had decided he was going to make me something for my birthday but that we wanted to show me a picture of it first to make sure I liked it. So I told him it was okay if he broke the surprise early and he pulled up a website and showed me a really pretty bed frame. He said the site had all the direction on how to make it yourself and that the cost was estimated at only $80 (which I might add was not the REAL total. I think the website was using wood prices from the 1950's) 

Anyways, after getting all the wood, he set off to working in the garage ....

A couple weeks later while I was gone at discipleship I came home and this is what my bedroom looked like! Pretty rad huh?!
(adam made the picture a few years back) 

I love having a husband who can build stuff and I love that he can find awesome projects online so that we get this amazing bed for what would have been at least $1300 from Pottery Barn

Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Baby Update!

So today is my 20 week mark with baby Elwer #2!

I have a ultrasound monday morning, but Adam and I are still committed to keeping the sex a surprise for us all so don't be expecting any big announcements come Monday afternoon!

Here's my belly this morning:

And here's my "Bennett Belly" on my 20 week mark with him:

I probably should have worn a tighter shirt today so the comparison would have been a little more even but I'm feeling pretty good size wise and I'm at the same weight I was last time at 20 weeks so that's okay I guess. I'm hoping that I don't gain as much as I did last time, but who knows ... and let's be honest, a healthy baby is far more important than me being worried about the size of my pants or the number of double chins I have! ha ha!

Saturday, July 23, 2011

Sarah's 30th!

So, yep, it's true, I am the big three - zero and well, I had a great time celebrating!

As usual I managed to stretch my birthday out to last a few weeks so that is always a personal triumph! :)

My festivities began two days before my birthday with a little family dinner of fried wontons and vegetarian spring rolls with peanut sauce and ginger sauce (all homemade my by lovely husband of course!)  It was so so so so so so good! Seriously, if you've never had this, you need to ask us to make it for you, it's simply the best!

However, said dinner does take a TON of prep work, so Bennett and I sat a plucked cilantro for quite some time, it was pretty sweet that he wanted to help!

After dinner, my birthday dessert was White Lime! Here's most of the fam enjoying dessert! (my dad was at work)

Then for my birthday present from my husband, we went up to San Luis Obispo for 3 days (2 nights)! We stayed at our most favorite place, the Apple Farm Inn. (Which by the way, we had won a free night in a facebook contest so we only had to pay for one night - Awesome!!!!)

So we dropped Bennett off at church with his Grandma and we were off!

Basically, as with all vacations, we pretty much planned our trip around where we wanted to eat! We've been on vacation a number of times to the Pismo/SLO area and so we knew exactly where we wanted to go!  We drove straight from the LE to the Village in Arroyo Grande for a yummy birthday lunch at Alphy's Broiler! 

According to Adam (my dad and brother too) these are the best fish tacos on the planet! 
After a walk around town and an ice cream cone of wonder at Doc Burnstein's (where I accidentally tipped the girl $5 instead of $1) we made our way up to the Apple Farm Inn. 

When we walked in the room, I was instantly reminded of why I love this place to much! 
The card wished me a happy birthday and there were two certificates for two free cookies (that's 4 yummy cookies)! 
As usual, our room was adorable and Adam made himself right at home! 

After a little time to relax and get changed we made our way to my special fancy birthday dinner at the Madonna Inn in San Luis Obispo. 

We love the Madonna Inn, we stayed there on our honeymoon for one night and had quite the adventure, snakes and all! 

I know it's dorky, but I was totally exited about where we got to sit for dinner! It's one of three covered booths that I have always wanted to sit at, Happy Birthday to me! 

the view of the restaurant from our booth - it's craziness I tell you! 
We of course had a phenomenal dinner filled with filet mignon and prime rib followed by a super yummy slice of birthday cake (aka their pink champagne cake)

After walking around and looking through all the shops Adam took a 30th birthday picture of me by the front door with my baby belly (I was only 15 1/2 weeks most of what is showing in this picture is my tummy full of dinner and cake!) 

Unfortunately (or fortunately depending on how you look at it) Adam and I don't eat much red meat anymore and well, we ended up rather sick to our stomaches for the rest of the night, Opps! So we got hot apple cider from the lobby, went and sat in the hot tub and then watched TV until our tummies felt good enough to fall asleep ... I know, we are soooo romantical! :)  

The next day we slept in nice a late, like people who don't have kids late, and then went into Pismo for an early lunch. Adam had BBQ and I had clam chowder and we both shared garlic fries! Yummy! 

We spent the rest of our afternoon walking around the town and admiring the beach and just talking, it was very lovely. 

Upon returning to the Apple Farm, Adam took a nap and I went and got a massage (my birthday present from my Mother-in-law). That night we just kind of looked around downtown SLO until we found a place that looked cute. We found this...
There was no one there when we got there, but that didn't deter us, and I'm so glad it didn't because it was absolutely lovely! We sat at the table in the left hand window of the restaurant and people watched and talked and ate slowly and enjoyed every bite! We ended the night with a long walk through downtown and, as always, ended up spending a great deal of time in Barnes & Noble - somethings never change :)  The next day, after breakfast at the hotel, we headed out on our drive home. 

One would think that that was the end of my birthday fun ... ha ha! Not so! My awesome husband said, "Well, I had a Man-Night for my 30th, do you want a girls night?" To which I replied, "Can it be a slumber party?!" And well, off the last minute plans ran from there! 

It was by no means an elaborate party, really not much prep work was done at all. But the afternoon of I decided I needed some decorations and instead of going out to spend money I looked around for stuff we already had ... fabric banners from my sons first birthday party? Why of course, that would be perfect! 

With banners hung and Adam and Bennett off to Grandma's for a sleepover, a few lovely ladies brought snacks to share and we had a great evening of talking and laughing and reminiscing! 

Luckily I had a moment of clarity and just before the first person not spending the night left, I remembered to take a group picture of everyone who came! 

It was so fun and I'm so blessed to have such sweet ladies in my life (not that these are all the sweet ladies I know, these are just the one's who happened to be free and/or who I remembered to invite!)

So, yeah, that's about it. I'm pretty sure I partied it up for my 30th and I loved the whole two weeks that it lasted for! Hopefully I can have another sleep over when I turn 40! 

Thursday, July 21, 2011

Music and Song

Even though I don't always understand it, I do love that Bennett LOVES all things related to music!

The other day he told me he has to move the piano bench so he could put his foot on the peddle like Evangeline does when she plays! ha ha! You can't hide anything from Caption Observation!  

Here's a little "blue grass" for you all. Since this video Adam has taught Bennett to also hit the tamborine on his leg to get more sound! :)  

And then we have Bennett singing to the Veggie Tale theme song! I laugh every time I hear him sing this! 

Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Father's Day 2011

Yeah, so remember how Father's Day was like a month ago ... oh well, don't judge!

June was a blur and well 2 days after Art Camp ended all of a sudden it was Father's Day but despite my lack of planning we all did have a really nice day together!

Bennett got in some good bath time play and snuggles with his dad before church...
Bennett loves his dad so much! 
... and then after church we went to breakfast at Richies! It was rather busy at Richies on Father's Day so we had plenty of time for playing in the bushes and then opening Daddy's present from Grandma before we ate.

Breakfast was fabulous and sickening all at the same time, as usual, and we loved every bite! :)

Weird-o's (like father like son!)
After naps we headed over to my mom and dad's house to have a big family dinner with my Aunt and Uncle who were down for a visit (and two cousins too) However, I sort of forgot to take any pictures of any of the fun we had with them ... well, I did manage to get one of the sweetest little post-bath tracker riding cousin!

Happy Father's Day to all you dad's out there, sorry it's a month late! :)