Saturday, August 22, 2009

Our Baby...

... is 6 months old today!

Thursday, August 20, 2009

Bennett is on the move!

So after realizing that Bennett loved Tony...

...we figured we could use Tony to get Bennett to crawl - it worked! It's not a perfect crawl, but the boy is definatly on the move!

Wednesday, August 19, 2009

What we do when I get home from work

I took these four videos this afternoon... just thought you might like to see them.

I started to video tape my wife when she was complaining that I let Bennett touch the lens on the camera ... there's a surprise ending, watch it if you dare!

This video is cool for about the first second... I wasn't quick enough to get him up in the crawling position rocking back and forth. He's going to crawl any day now!

Thursday, August 13, 2009

Proof that our son is growing up...

So, I know everyone says, "It goes so fast" but I always thought, "No, it goes one day at a time just like everything else." And while technically that is true, it's also true that Bennett is growing up WAY TOO FAST! I thought you all would enjoy seeing just what a big man he really is and what it is that he is doing these days... enjoy!

The other day he was asking to go to Disneyland!
He enjoys brushing his teeth!

Enjoys his high chair (but so far the high chair is just for toys... he's got a week left till food!)
Wants to get as much "cultural exposure" as he can before he decides which instrument he wants to play in the symphony!
He can destroy his bouncy chair in a matter of minutes (as well as pull the hand towel off the wall)
He thinks it's fun to stick his tongue out!
Enjoys sitting up in the shopping cart!
He also enjoys driving!
Loves to read with Dad!
Some times he read the same book Dad is reading...
...sometimes he brings his own reading material!
Loves to sit on Dad's shoulders
He's taller than the giant bottle of Cholula!
And last but not least, he can do this while I fill up the bath tub:
He was so proud of the treasures he discovered!

Saturday, August 8, 2009

Lake Day!

Yesterday our friends the Kirly's invited us up to Canyon Lake to play! We were pleasantly surprised to find out the August family would be joining us for the day too! We all had such a good time talking and playing with all the Kirly's water toys!

Bennett enjoyed himself greatly!
This was his first experience with sand. He seemed to like to touch it but after one little taste he wasn't too interested anymore and in the video you can see him trying to back up from the sand - so it seems, on his first encounter, he takes after his mother on her preference for sand :)

After sand the boys went out for a swim (I just went in up to my knees to take pictures) and as usual, Bennett loved the water!

We went for a little ride to meet up with the others and give them a lift.

Bennett was very interested to look at all the people and houses and other boats we were passing by.

Our favorite toy of the day was by far the paddle board! Everyone (except Bennett) got a turn to go and try it out and we all loved it - such a fun way to get around and see things!
After getting all dried off we all made it over to the Kirly's house where some other friends met up with us for a great dinner!

It was such a great day and the perfect "end of summer" as Adam heads back to work full time starting Monday with students starting Wednesday.

Thursday, August 6, 2009

Vacation 2009!

The Elwer family went on a little getaway up to Pismo Beach this last week!

On the way up, we had to make a couple stops to that the little precious man below could stretch his legs (and so we could get pastries in Solvang! Gotta love the giant Macaroons!)
My parents rented a 4 bedroom house about a 1 mile walk from the Ocean! It was a great place to stay (not the most comfortable beds) but really a fabulous vacation spot!

Here we are on our first night... we all bundled up (it was 67 degrees when we arrived) and took a nice long walk so that Bennett could see the ocean for the first time!
He also really liked the jogger stroller that the Prior family let us borrow! It was very helpful especially on the sand!
On Sunday we took a drive up to Morro Bay and went to a friend of ours church (Randy Ponder). His church was having church in the park so it was a really good time to sit outside enjoying the park too!
We made it to our favorite BBQ place, Mo's, to enjoy the shredded chicken sandwich and the glorious garlic fries! Bennett had an exciting trip to Mo's too - he got to drink out of a water bottle for the first time! Look at you Mr. Big Stuff!
One of the mornings we walked (trudged) through the sand all the way into down town Pismo to go to the Old West Cinnamon Roll Shop!

As always the pecan cinnamon rolls did not disappoint, Bennett was super happy and Adam found his favorite video game in the whole world, Galaga - thus it was a successful trip!
Crystal-Lee and Brian came up to join the family on Monday morning! Be played a rousing game of monopoly where I dominated after getting put in jail 3 or 4 time!
At some point during the trip Bennett decided to demonstrate his Peter Pan impersonation to his Grandpa:
On our last day we spent the afternoon in Arroyo Grande.

We took a family picture on the hanging bridge...
... just like we had back in January when we were up visiting on our "pre-baby" getaway (Bennett is more "visible" in the more recent picture!)
Also in A.G. we found the home decor store, Willis and Bennett, we didn't go in but we thought a picture was in order.
And then we went and enjoyed "the best soy latte that you ever had" (Can you hear Train?) at this cute coffee shop in A.G. It was a lovely afternoon before our long drive home
About 9:30'ish we had to stop and feed the little man and Adam let him "drive" for a while too!
He thought he was super hot stuff and was not very excited to be put back in his seat... but eventually we did make it home safe and sound.

Oh and one last thing! I finished Bennett's bedding on vacation! This is the first navy blue touch we have added to the room, but the rocking chair pad covers are soon to follow!

Adam had to start work the next morning - so it was a good last minute trip to celebrate the end of summer!