Thursday, April 28, 2011


I really don't love Adam more than the day I married him, but I do love him deeper than the day I married him.

I love him fuller! I love him four more years complete than when we married.

I love more of his yucky-ness than I realized he had four years ago but I also love more of his Godly-ness than I ever knew he had or that anyone was capable of. 

Happy Anniversary my love, here's to another year of going deeper into this mystery the Lord calls marriage!

Thursday, April 21, 2011


We just got back from a trip to Oroville, CA and we really enjoyed ourselves!

We visited the local Free Methodist church and met with a bunch of people who wanted to get to know our family as they are considering Adam for a job at the church. We won't know anything about the job for a while, but we do know that we really liked everything about our trip! (except the giant man-eating bugs that attacked us on our last night there!)

This was Bennett's first flight as a ticketed passenger, he really enjoyed being able to open and close his window and look out at the land!

Upon arrival Adam had his first meeting at the church so Bennett and I hung out in the in nursery - which he loved!

I forgot to take a picture of the outside of the church, but here is the inside all set up for palm sunday

After church on Sunday a couple from the church took us out on a 2 hour tour of Oroville. It was so great to hear the history and see all the parks and rivers and everything! The last thing we did was go up to the lake (also known as a reservoir because there is a dam - which by the way, is taller than Hoover dam!)
view of the lake from the dam
a view of the city from the dam
On Monday we did a lot of hanging around the house and reading and playing with some cool toys our hosts had for Bennett to play with and then we went on a nice long walk around the neighborhood too.

 A little while after Adam had given up on reading because Bennett wanted to play with him, Bennett went back and started "reading" Adam's book out loud to us! I should have video taped it!

Monday night however, we got to meet up with my family and go have pizza! Bennett was obsessed with the video games and hardly ate a thing but we still had a great time and we attempted to take a few "cousin pictures"

It is fun to watch them grow
May 2010
 Tuesday was filled with more meetings with different people from the church. We went on another family walk in the afternoon and Bennett discovered the reflectors in the road and would stop at each pair and put a foot on both and then bend his knees and put his hands out to the side ... Adam and I were cracking up!

One family from the church took us up to Table Mountain and we walked around for a while and ended up hanging out to talk next to a little stream that runs under the Oregon City covered bridge ... it was so lovely!
Table Mountain from far way ... see how it's flat like a table!

yes that is a huge rock being thrown towards a one year old! Bennett started throwing rocks down stream after this!

Tuesday night after an awesome dinner at "Charlies" the family we were with then took us down town to show us a cool spot. An old judges home turned historical landmark and we walked around the grounds and talked and got attacked by bugs ... but bugs aside, it was a really cool place! 

Wednesday was the end of our trip and after and few meetings for Adam and a nap for Bennett we headed home!

And when we got back to LAX Bennett invented a new way to get around the airport! 

Adam and I would both love it if he gets the job in this awesome town and we are trusting the Holy Spirit to guide and direct the search committee in their selection process. If we are the right family to help this church then we would be honored to go and serve but if we aren't than we know that God has perfect plans for this body to be cared for by someone else!

So we covet your prayers over these next few weeks while we are "in limbo" but we know that the Lord is so involved in this process we trust His will (weather for or against Adam having this job) will be made known soon!

Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Frozen Yogurt!

Bennett has been going out for frozen yogurt since he was about a week old...
You can see him in his car seat in the reflection in the window between Adam and I

But he is now allowed to get his own cup!
He was SOOOOO happy! 

He also really loved that he could spin the tables!