Tuesday, September 23, 2008


So this last weekend I found myself in Pasadena just cruising the streets with some girlfriends. As we were walking back to the car we walked by this area (which just so happens to lead to some of the best gelato outside of Italy) and one of the girls said - "Oh that would be such a neat place to take pictures - who wants me to take their picture?!" No one really needed their picture taken, but then I remembered that, it being Friday, meant that I was officially 20 weeks pregnant - which equals half way done! So I was the lucky recipient of a mini photo shoot of my mini belly!

By the way, I can feel the baby moving now, it feels like bubbles and flutters!

Monday, September 15, 2008

Slumber Party!!!

It's true, I'm 27 years old and I invited my 6 best 10-12 year old friends over for a slumber party - and we had a super fun time! This group of girls and I have been doing a Bible study this summer and we needed to have a party - so why not a slumber party?! It was actually a great motivator to get Adam and I totally unpacked and all our stuff moved in because we knew we had this little party coming! Adam of course did not stay with us, he slept over next door and got a full nights sleep! So, here's a few pictures of the fun things the girls did with gummy bears as well as a group portrait after we had sung and danced our way through High School Musical 2 and then another in the morning, playing on the tire swing in our PJ's.

So, now for what you were expecting this blog to be about - the baby. We had another ultra sound on friday and everything was great, here's a few pictures:

Baby face - look at that big, smart brain!

Baby feet - already looking a little long!

This one is a little harder to see but I love it! On the right you have the top of baby's head and then "above" (or to the left in the case of this picture) are the arms stretched out and crossed. Basically this is a picture of the baby "chill'n" - let's pray that relaxed attitude continues on!

Lastly, here's a picture to show my belly at 19 weeks - we were at a 25th anniversary party and who better to take a picture with than the bride and groom!

Sunday, September 7, 2008

18 weeks and counting

So before I was pregnant, I always thought one was pregnant for 9 months. I come to find out now that one is pregnant for 40 weeks - so actually 9 to 10 months depending on what part of the year you are pregnant for - so who started this 9 month lie?! Anyways, I hit 18 weeks on friday and from a quick google image search found this picture of a baby at 18 weeks - so, this is what's in me right now - totally amazing huh?!

And for what I look like on the outside right now - here's a picture with my roommate from Russia, Amanda who came for a visit this weekend (she was very happy I let her touch my belly) and then here is also a picture of me and my dad comparing bellies at his birthday dinner (I think he wins for biggest belly still!)

We have another ultrasound on friday so hopefully Adam will make another video to show you all the highlights - I'll try not to pick such an emotional song for this video!

Thursday, September 4, 2008

Sorry about the lack of updating, but the move and Adam's new job has been a lot to handle and blogging went to the wayside - sorry :)

So, an update thru pictures:

Here's a picture my friend Erica took of Adam and I at Jeff and Katy's wedding on Aug. 8. (I blogged about their wedding last time, but I just got this picture from Erica and thought it was worth sharing)
On Friday, Aug. 15, Adam and I went to my friend Katie's art show that she organized (a feat in and of its self). She had a number of artist from her church display there art work and it was a really great evening! I was very proud of her hard work to create such an awesome evening! It was also the day I hit 15 weeks in the pregnancy, thus the picture with Katie next to one of her paintings.

Here's a picture of Mr. Elwer before he left for his 3rd day of teaching ( I slept thru his first two departures - opps).

On monday the 18th I got another part of my birthday present from my mom (I love birthday's that go on for months). She took Katie and I to tea at the Huntington Library and then bought us both fancy tea for our "party favors". It was a super fun day filled with a long walk (maybe a little too long for a pregnant lady) thru the gardens and lots of amazing finger sandwiches!!!! Thanks Mom for a fantastic birthday present!

We did officially move on Aug. 23 with the help of some fantastic friends from church! Amazingly, we started at our old house at 8am and were totally moved in and done and eating lunch at our new house by noon!!!! Here's Erin and Evangeline being out TV weather women before the TV was put into place, they later also put on a puppet show too! :)

After the afternoon of moving we took quick showers and took off to our friend's house to meet their new son, Caleb James Miller! Caleb was born to Colin and Kailey on July 27 and is a sweet little man - we were very glad to meet him and welcome him into the world!

Finally - after a long summer of our Disneyland passes being blocked out, we were free to go again! This last Monday, Labor Day, Adam, my brother Brian and I took off to D-land to meet our friend Kelly for a day of fun! It was actually an awesome day to go because the park was not crowded at all, it was just like a normal Monday at the Magic Kingdom!!! (We also met up with our friends, Dan and Sue, for a great lunch and show at the Golden Horseshoe, but we have no pictures from that.)
One thing that was new, was the Toy Story! It was super fun and we very much enjoyed shooting all the 3D objects!
Also, as can be expected, I was limited on which rides I could go on - but it's okay - I just became the personal photographer and "stuff" holder, so let me know if I can perform this task for you anytime in the near future, all I require is snacks like Mickey Mouse shaped pretzels and churro's!!! :)

So kids, that's about it for now, hopefully the updates will be more regular now that we are more in the grove at our new place and new job and new energy levels!