Tuesday, February 23, 2010

The Big Day!

So, this could be like 4 or 5 blogs if I did them all separately, but Bennett is asleep now and I don't know if I will have the chance to do 4 or 5 separate blogs over this week ... thus you should prepare yourself for a long one!

Bennett's first birthday started with me doing something a little crazy but, well... it's my first time having a child who has a birthday so I get to be a little crazy, right? Well, at exactly 12:45 am, I went into Bennett's room to snap a picture of my little one year old!

Here he is one year earlier at 12:45 am:
(or maybe 12:50'ish ... but the but the pictures taken right at 12:45 have me in them and they are just not attractive, no one wants to see those!)

After a longs night sleep, a yummy breakfast and a wagon ride we headed off to meet Grammy at the Temecula Mall for some one year old shoe shopping!

We of course settled on the Stride Rite shop and while the attendant was in the back getting his size 5 shoes (opps, sorry Bennett boy apparently your feet have been squished of a while now - hence the not walking yet - bad mom!) Bennett found the fun toys and mirror...
... and then he decided to climb on top of the table! That's my little billy goat for you!
We loved the first pair, so Bennett and Grammy took them for a spin around the store.

After moving some furniture with them, Bennett decided that the shoes were good enough and that he would take them!
And after a little lesson on socks from the Stride Rite attendant (who knew socks could be so interesting?)....
...We were ready to hit the road running ... except for the fact that Bennett hasn't taken more than 5 or so steps at a time, so we went back in the stroller - sorry big man!
After the mall we hit up Party City for some balloons and then headed home for lunch and a loooong nap (Thank you Jesus!) followed by a nice long bath to get all gussied up for one year pictures!

As we were packing up to get in the car I remembered that Bennett could be forward facing now so Adam went down to the car and made it happen! I don't think Bennett really knew what was going on but he enjoyed it!

Aside from pictures of Bennett for his one year's we also took family pictures! They turned out really well - you all will get to seem them in about a week and a half (or when ever I get around to scanning them!)

Once we got home we had a little tiny birthday party for him. We invited the grandparents, my brothers (and soon to be sister) and the next door neighbors over for chili, corn bread and girl scout cookies! Bennett slept threw the whole meal (which was nice for Adam and I to actually eat with our guests) and then when he woke up we started opening presents (which is funny because I wasn't expecting anyone to bring a present!)

Present #1, from Uncle Tim, Aunt Maggie and Cousin Elizabeth, a soccer ball!!! (of course)
Present #2, from the Prior family, a red swing! (Awesome!)

Look at that sweet face!
Present #3, from Grammy and Grandpa...
A blue swing!!!
YAY!! Two swings! (kind of funny huh?!)
So at this point Bennett switched parents so that Uncle Brian could take better pictures and Daddy could take a few little videos

Here we are opening a present from Grandma
Looking into a big bag of fun!
Showing Uncle Brian his new pull toy
Apparently we were both confused by the weird forward opening card from Grammy (notice the addition of the rice cake - the boy was hungry and it was easy, don't hate!)
(Look at the look on Bennett's face in this one! It cracks me up!)
Bennett was busy reading his card while I was opening the last (and most beloved present) from Uncle Casey...
Still eating, but starting to notice as I open the case...
Forget the rice cake! Give me that guitar!
He was over come with joy!

(This one is my favorite!)

And then, as always, there has to to be fun had with the bows!

Bennett did eventually get some dinner at like 9pm (bad parents!)
And played with his Grandma and the new magnetic gears she got him for a while too before calling it a day and heading off to bed!

It was an awesome day!
Happy Birthday Bennett boy!
Your Mommy and Daddy love you so much!

Monday, February 22, 2010


A little trip down memory lane for you all (and me)

Friday, February 19, 2010

Back Home and Playing the Kazoo!

We're home from our long weekend in Big Bear still a little under the weather but home nonetheless!
The reason we went was because we were invited to speak at our churches winter camp! The weekend focused on the parts of the trinity and Adam and I spoke on the Father. Apart from the speaking side of camp we were with all the Jr. High girls (and Jenn and Jackie) and we had a great time with all of them!
Adam ended up being our lead breakfast cook each morning, which was awesome!
On Saturday, we spent the whole afternoon at a sled park! Adam and I both took turns with Bennett trying to get him excited about the snow...

...but Bennett's over all feelings for the day were just about as great as the pumpkin patch day! So, needless to say, Bennett and Mommy left early and took a nap.
Other than that camp went really smoothly (Praise the Lord)! No broken bones, no big drama, just a great time in the snow, learning about who God is and how much he loves us - what more could you ask for in a weekend?!

On a totally unrelated note, I am proud to say I actually captured a "first" this afternoon! I was sitting at the computer looking at possible birthday shirts for Bennett to wear at his party next week on Etsy and all of a sudden I heard a noise I had never heard before. Then I heard it again, and all of a sudden I realized - "That's a kazoo! Oh my gosh! He figured it out!" So I grabbed my camera off the kitchen table and went straight to his room to capture the following:
I know it's dorky to so excited over a kazoo - but I guess that is just part of being a mom! Oh and then just a few minutes later, my son pulled his diaper bag down and dug out the rice cakes to help himself to a snack - he sure is getting around quickly for not actually walking yet!
Anyways, like I said earlier I was looking for a birthday shirt and was planning on making one inspired by the great Katrina however I was saved by Kohl's this afternoon and will not be making the shirt (YAY!!!) That's not to say, however, that I don't still have fabric and paper and ribbon in my house waiting to be turned into something fantastic for my sweet boy's party next week! Wish me luck!

Friday, February 12, 2010

Fun Times With Dad!

The other night Adam was practicing some songs on his guitar and Bennett wanted to be involved so bad!

As you saw at the beginning, Bennett has started to climb! He will only take a few steps on his own but he has no fear when it comes to climbing! The other morning I was folding his laundry in his room and Bennett took the laundry basket and ended up like this:
Isn't that face just precious?!

Oh and the reason that Adam was practicing songs is because we are heading off to Winter Camp this afternoon! We are speaking on "the Father" (and then other people are speaking about Jesus and the Holy Spirit later in the weekend) to the Jr. High and High school group. There are 50 of us going and we are looking forward to a great long weekend and introducing Bennett to SNOW!

Here's the boys trying out the amazing backpack we are borrowing from my Uncle (which I'm sure we are going to have to return soon with the arrival on baby Jake!)

Bennett loved looking around at everything from that new perspective! I'm sure he's going to have a great time this weekend!

Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Blue Grass Baby

As we have mentioned before, Bennett loves music and a good beat and he loves it when Adam gets out his guitar or banjo so they can both play with them! So, knowing this fact about Bennett and just being a Grandma, Adam's mom got Bennett a very special treat last week - his very own Banjo!!!
Bennett loves his banjo!
He tunes it...
and strums it....
and plays it like a fiddle sometimes!
Here's a little video of him playing with it - sorry for the radio in the background, i usually turn it on for him in the mornings because I can only handle so much Raffy and Veggie Tales songs (not that Air 1 is much better, but at least it's something different!)

Thursday, February 4, 2010

Announcing Our Newest Family Member...

...Crystal - Lee!!!!
Yes, folks it's true my little brother Brian is engaged to be married to this wonderful woman!

Tuesday night, yes Groundhog Day, Brian proposed marriage and Crystal-Lee, after asking if he was "for reals", agreed to become his wife.
Crystal-Lee Howley ... it's kind of adorable if you ask me!

Here they are walking into Claim Jumper were we were waiting to congratulate them just after he proposed at the Temecula Library
(not the old one, the new beautiful on the hill above the sports park)
Here's Crystal-Lee and I, the new sisters!
Crystal-Lee only has one sibling, a younger brother and I only have sister-in-laws who live very far away, so we are both very happy about our new "sisterhood"!
Bennett is also very happy to have a new Aunt!
We are trying to come up with a good name for her. So far all we've got is "Auntie Lee-Lee" or "ACL" (Aunt Crystal-Lee) but we are open to suggestions!
(He really is happy about his new aunt, it was about 8:30 pm ... he was ready for sleep!)
Bennett got his new Aunt a little something... here he is about to wrap it just before we left to meet up with everyone to celebrate...
Once he read what the little tile said he just couldn't hold back his excitement!
(that is until he saw her and took that picture with her... oh well)

Crystal-Lee, we are all just as happy as Bennett looks in that picture!
We are so glad to welcome you into our family!