Tuesday, November 16, 2010


So, we got a new computer a couple weeks ago (well, new to us) and we were super excited and thankful.

But there have been a few issues... and I have not taken any pictures off my camera (praise the Lord for my 4gb card!) so if there is a picture, it's from my cell phone...sorry.
There are those who use their cell phones all the time and their pictures are so cute, me however...

But we have been doing well, thanks for asking.

Bennett's word count is growing by the day. He is the cutest little talker I ever did see!
I both love it and hate it, "babies" don't talk, thus I am a little sad.

We went to the funnest Fall Party and Craft Fair at our church last week (you would just love those pictures). Adam and my items at the craft fair didn't really sell, but we did brake even for what we spent on supplies so we are thankful for that ... but now, what to do with all this stuff?!  
 (Call me if you need an adventure stick or any baby shower gifts!)

We had a great time seeing some of our old friends a couple weeks ago! They live in our first apartment and it was fun to go and see how they have interpreted the space they have. (It looks the best I have ever seen it! Sorry Justin and Elisha, we still love you!)

We voted!

My friend Becky came down from Oregon to see her sister's play in LA and I got to see her for an afternoon. That was a lovely day, I really like her!

We went to the Murrieta Veteran's day parade again this year and had a great time!

Oh and I met with my Book Club to discuss the most fascinating book. If you've ever thought Russian communism is slightly interesting (in a twisted sort of way, not like you think it's a good idea) you will love this book!

Other than that, Bennett and I got a cold, but we are felling much better now, again, thanks for asking

I hope to be back on the "blog wagon" soon, starting work in a week and a half... we'll see how it goes!