Thursday, December 15, 2011

A Very Christmas-y Saturday!

Last Saturday was a very full day but it was good full, not stressful full!

We started the morning off with breakfast (of course) and then went our separate ways. The boys stayed home to do man things and I went to my mom's house to do Christmas baking where my Auntie, sister-in-law and cousin were all coming to bake too!

So I use the term "Christmas Baking" lightly as I don't really think we made Christmas cookies but we did make cookies that our family all loves and only gets once a year ... thus making them a part of the Christmas season for us! They are called Bratzli, but we just call them Swiss Cookies and they make us all really, really happy! :)

Meanwhile, back at home, the boys were hanging Christmas lights!

Apparently, Bennett had told Adam that Pooh and Buzz needed to come out and help hang the lights too and my super smart husband talked Bennett into setting them by the window so they could watch! I love it!

They did a great job!

After a nap and some new clothes, we took off for Escondido to have a "Thanks-mas" dinner with our group of Outdoors friends, aka "Cadre" friends.
{You know since we are such "outdoors" kind of people these days! ha ha!}

We had a fabulous meal and such a great time with some of our oldest friends!
{Old as in long time - none of us would admit to being old!}
Don't miss the lovely "woodland creature" in the back! I am SOOO glad we didn't win that! 
There's nothing like laughing until it hurts while catching up with friends!  Such a great night!

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