Monday, October 29, 2007

6 Months of Wedded Bliss

Yes, it's true, Adam and I have been married for 6 months now, so we decided to have a little celebration!

After church on Sunday we took off over the Ortega's and made our way to the Ramos House Cafe in San Juan Capistrano. The Ramos House has always been a special place for us, being "the place you take a girl if you want to impress her" (as said by Willy and Alison Bravenec) and Adam did take me there while we were dating - and he did impress me!
So, Ramos House for Sunday Brunch was fabulous! We both got the amazing Salmon plate of wonderfulness for our starter (SO GOOD!!!) and for our main dish Adam went for the breakfast side of Brunch while I went for the lunch side. Anyhow, it was fabulous!

After brunch we had some time to kill before being back that the church by 3:30 so we walked around down by the mission. We looked at a $2000 mirror with hand carved wooden frame and thought "Hmmm, why are we looking at this stuff?" So, we moved onto the giant antic story down the way and had so much fun looking at old tools, cameras, books, (one book called "The Fabulous Barbie and Her Boyfriend Ken" contained a chapter called "The Size 10 Dress" I didn't have time to read it all but I had a good laugh!) jewelry, aprons, tea cups, swords, crosses, armor and hats! Well, we did more than just look at old hats - we tried them on too!

After the antic store we did a little more walking around, found a cool kitchen store with tons of random stuff you would never really need in your kitchen; we also (again) morned the loss of Diedrich Coffee and did not purchase anything from the Starbucks that is now in it's place. As I said earlier, we had to be back at the church at 3:30 so by this time we were thinking we should head back - thus we did.

The reason we had to be at church at 3:30 was because we were helping Glen and Koni (known as "the Prior's" in the earlier blog) cook dinner for the young married group that started last night at the church. The turn out was less then we expected (Only Nicolle and Abe and Raul and Shayne showed up) but it was really, really great! We had dinner and just talked. It felt like community. The group will only meet on the 2nd and 4th Sunday of each month and the plan is to invite couples who have been married a long time and want to share wisdom with us young folks. But also, the group will always have a time set aside to pray for one another, which is about the only structure and planned activity to the whole group - yay! Last nights conversation was filled with stories of couples meeting and husbands coming to know the Lord, it was cool. Afterwords, Nicolle and Abe and Raul and Shayne came over for ice cream/soy dream (we sort of forgot about that in the "cooking dinner" part of the prep work) but Glen and Koni had to be home so they weren't able to come over. So, it was really fun, and we are glad that we went and hopefully we will be inviting some other people to come and join us the next time we meet.

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bravenec said...

what an amazing day. I'm drooling over Ramos House and I'm so jealous. Married group sounds cool and needed. love ya!